Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The ClockworkRiot LiteCast - Ep 002

In Episode 002 we discuss making gold without lots of Spirits of Harmony, heirloom enchants, and dealing with competitors on the Auction House.

It is highly recommended to use the video version as there may be visual aids contained in the video you will not get in the audio-only version. However, by popular demand, the audio only version is still available to iTunes subscribers.

Notes, Links, and More!
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The ClockworkRiot LiteCast - Ep 001

In Episode 001 we discuss the longevity of Darkmoon Faire trinkets, TradeSkillMaster profiles, the value of reputation grinding, and more!

It is highly recommended to use the video version as there may be visual aids contained in the video you will not get in the audio-only version. However, by popular demand, the audio only version is still available to iTunes subscribers.

Notes, Links, and More!
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If you'd like a gold-making question answered on the podcast leave a comment on the YouTube page!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fast & Easy Battle Pet Leveling

Looking for a way to make your pets for sale stand out from the competitors? Or maybe you just like pet battles as much as I do. Regardless, leveling pets is a really fun pastime and now you can even farm Flawless Battle-Stones while doing it. (Warning: Currently they're bugged and may disappear on logging out; put them on the AH or use them before logging out!)

Either way, here's a great way to get some fast and easy levels on your battle pets, I hope you guys enjoy it.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Checking In

Hey, hope you guys didn't think I'd died! I hadn't realized how long it'd been since I did something on the blog; I'm trying to do more on YouTube and I sometimes forget to cross-post the videos to the blog. I'm still alive though.

I'm re-launching the ClockworkRiot LiteCast as a video podcast on my YouTube channel. The first episode will be out any day now; it's actually already uploaded but YouTube is dragging its feet in verifying that I'm not a dirty copyright villain.  So that should be coming shortly.

I've become far more interested in pet battles than I'd ever anticipated. I still raid but it doesn't give me the same joy it used to; I go to raid because I made a commitment to the other raiders, not because I'm excited to raid. Most of my time has actually been spent doing pet battles and making gold to fund my pet buying sprees.

Right now my markets are:
  • Alchemy: I do my transmutes each day to stay on top of Belt Buckles; I'm considering going potion spec and selling Potions of Luck but have not done so yet.
  • Blacksmithing: All 450 crafted gear and belt buckles
  • Enchanting: Trainer-taught MoP enchants; I haven't unlocked the rep ones and heirloom enchants, though profitable, move slowly for me.
  • Engineering: Tinker's Gears and vanilla pets like the Lifelike Mechanical Toad, I haven't been impressed with the scope market
  • Inscription: I sell the kite pets and shoulder enchants, both rare and epic. I'm also continuing my partnership with two other scribes on my server to sell glyphs. "Same old same old."
  • Jewelcrafting: I find it pointless to sell most cut blue-quality gems. I sell the 450 crafted jewelry and cut meta gems.
  • Leatherworking: I haven't really worked on Leatherworking much, though it's next on my list. If I did have it I imagine I'd spend my time selling 450 crafted gear.
  • Tailoring: I sell all of the 450 crafted gear as well as the green-quality spellthreads for pants. I use my massive Volatile stockpile to make Dreamcloth and sell Illusionary Bags.
So that's about it for the crafting professions!

I've pretty much abandoned transmog, not because it wasn't profitable but because it was boring as could be. I never liked transmog and was just slowly selling off the pieces I'd bought when testing TSM Shopping lists. I eventually just said "screw it" and I vendored or disenchanted 95% of my stock, keeping a few of the more valuable pieces for my own transmog purposes.

So that's pretty much what I've been doing. I'm not dead!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Attention Jewelcrafters: Don't miss out!

I've heard a lot of people in Trade, my guild, and a few people elsewhere complaining that Jewelcrafting isn't profitable right now. I ask them what they're selling and more often than not they aren't selling 450 jewelry; in fact they don't even know how to make the 450 jewelry! That's a pretty big problem for the gold-making jewelcrafter and it's a problem we need to fix right now!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Enchanting Conversions - It's like printing money.

The status quo for enchanting has been pretty constant for many years. There's dust. There's essence, usually three lessers equating to one greater. There are rare shards which may or may not have a lesser version and there is an epic crystal. That's what we've had for a very long time. Dust is dust, essence are essence, shards are shards, right?

Not anymore.  Mists of Pandaria brought a fundamental change to the way enchanting materials work. Dust is no longer just dust, that dust can be traded up the chain all the way to a Sha Crystal if you have the desire. Likewise a Sha Crystal can be traded down the line all the way into dust.

This change hasn't sunk in with many enchanters, though, and my server's rife with gold-making opportunities because of it.

If I buy Spirit Dust right now it will cost me 5g90s to craft one Mysterious Essence which I can turn around and sell for 21g, essentially quadrupling my gold with a single craft.

When trading up:
   5 Spirit Dust = 1 Mysterious Essence
   5 Mysterious Essence = 1 Ethereal Shard
   5 Ethereal Shard = 1 Sha Crystal (1 Day CD)

When trading down:
   1 Sha Crystal = 2 Ethereal Shards
   1 Ethereal Shard = 3 Mysterious Essence
   1 Mysterious Essence = 3 Spirit Dust

Keep this in mind for selling mats at their most valuable stage and to be sure you pay the least for your crafting materials!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Building the Perfect Farmer

I don't often farm but when I do the name of the game is always efficiency. The more efficiently you can farm the more gold you will make from your play session or the more mats you can get for crafting. Arguably the most important thing to think about when looking at efficient farming is your farming location: lots of nodes, easily accessible, not too many mobs, etc.

However there are other things to consider. With that in mind I set out this expansion to build my ideal farming character.  Here's what I think makes up the ideal farmer; the more of these factors you have going for you the better off you will be but just having as many as you can should help you get the most out of your farming.

Step 1: Selecting your class.
There are conflicting opinions here. Generally people will opt for either a druid gatherer or a paladin or DK for faster mounted movement speed. I side with the druids; the ability to drop down, pick an herbalism node, and fly away without having to kill that mob standing on top of the node is invaluable and will often lead to a greater gain than moving a bit faster.

Nodes are so plentiful in Mists of Pandaria that it will rarely come down to "time spent finding a node" and more often come down to effort and time put in to actually gather the nodes littering the countryside.  While the druids don't get the perk for mining their herbalism perk is top-notch and beats out faster-flyers in my book.

Step 2: Selecting your race.
Horde players might instantly say "Tauren druid!" for gathering and that's certainly not a bad idea.  However Tauren is no longer as necessary (see Step 5) and so race choices for Horde are now opened up a bit more. However, War Stomp will still be quite handy to stun an enemy and snag a node if it comes down to it so I would still recommend Tauren over Troll.

Alliance players have a choice between Night Elf or Worgen. For this list I'm assuming we're talking about a mining/herbalism gatherer and so Worgen's racial bonuses to skinning aren't factored in. I love Night Elf because if you grab aggro from a mob while mining, which you inevitably will, you can Shadowmeld and pop Flight Form instantly meaning you can cut down significantly on fighting you'll have to do over nodes.

Step 3: Building your farming druid.
There are a few things to consider when building the character.

  • Speed: Faster mounted speed will mean less travel between nodes. Faster movement speed (when not mounted) will allow you to gather faster in areas like Snow Lily Cave.
  • Stuns: Inevitably you will pull aggro every once and a while. Being able to stun a mob and gather before killing it or shadow melding will secure that Golden Lotus before someone can come in and take it from you.
  • Dazing: Non-tanks can be randomly dazed when struck by an attack. This usually doesn't matter too much if you're flying around from node to node but if you're running through Snow Lily Cave or can't fly yet you may want to consider going Guardian spec to make yourself daze-proof.
With this in mind I'm using a Feral druid (faster cat movement speed) with Feline Swiftness (even faster kitty!) and Mighty Bash for an added stun. Disorienting Roar is another option to distract mobs while you snag a node; it's a shorter duration and will be broken by damage but it's an AoE so it ensures you'll get that node no matter what's beating on you.  Glyph of Dash will also allow a more frequent use of Dash, allowing you to move through caves or run out of aggro range more often.

Step 4: Inventory space.
If you don't farm for hours at a time you should be fine with regular bags. However, for dedicated farming sessions or if you're not going to return to a mailbox after each session you should look into profession bags.

Miners will want Triple-Reinforced Mining Bags and herbalists will want Hyjal Expedition Bags.  For mining/herbalism druids I recommend one of each profession bag and two "normal" bags of your choice; Embersilk, Netherweave, whatever your pleasure is. This gives you a good amount of space specifically for mats but leaves several spots for catch-all if you gather a disproportionate amount of one resource compared to the other, or if you just happen to loot anything else while you're out.

Step 5: Equipping your farmer.
Here's where things might get a little new for farmers. The more of these items you can get the better, but any of them will help.
  • A Gnomish Army Knife held in your bags will give you +10 to all gathering professions. This does not stack with the Gatherer enchant to gloves (+5) so you will choose one or the other, essentially you're looking at +5 more gathering at the cost of one inventory slot.

  • An Ancient Pandaren Mining Pick will allow miners to proc Mists of Pandaria gems off of Pandaria nodes. In previous expansions it was a given that miners would sometimes find gems in the nodes but that's no longer the case; now you must have this pick if you expect to see that. 

    Be aware the proc rate is very low; I've had this pick for a week and have seen two gems. If you want the absolute best out of mining you should have one of these but some people may not find it worth the bag slot it will take. It does not need to be equipped and thus non-axe-using druids can still use it. It's also Bind on Account so you can send it to your other characters to use for it's rather nice 1H Strength weapon stats.

    To get a mining pick head to Greenstone Quarry in northern Jade Forest. This item is a rare spawn in the quarry and has a fairly long spawn timer so you may have to camp a fair bit for it.

  • A set of Forager's Gloves is without a doubt my favorite new item added for gathering.  These gloves drop from the rare spawn Korda Torros in Kun-Lai Summit and reduce gathering speed for herbs and mining by 1.5 seconds. (A reduction of 1 second for skinning.)  This essentially let's anyone gather herbs as fast as a Tauren and allows you to mine faster than anyone who hasn't farmed these gloves.  With these gloves it's usually possible to gather a node between the swing-timer of an attacking mob, making these an invaluable part of your farming arsenal.

    The mob which drops these has roughly a one hour spawn time so, barring terrible luck, they shouldn't be too difficult to farm up even on an 85-86 with decent gear.

    Note: These will only reduce gathering to .5 seconds; this will not allow a character who could already gather faster (Worgen skinners or Tauren herbalists) to gather instantly. Unfortunately!

  • A pair of Mist-Piercing Goggles will allow you to see nodes that you otherwise would not be able to see. You needn't equip them; like the mining pick they can sit in your bags. This is great since you can keep them un-bound and send them around if you use more than one farming character. This is a simple situation: Reserve a bag slot (or your helmet slot) and you get to gather more nodes. Easy choice!

    Engineers make these and they require two Spirits of Harmony, so you may end up paying a bit for these but if you're going to be gathering they will pay for themselves in no time.

These are the steps I've taken to building Thrasymachus, my new farming character. It has seriously kickstarted my farming in Mists of Pandaria and feeling so well-equipped has helped make farming fun for me.  I'm not a professional farmer so if you have any tips and tricks to maximizing your farming character's efficiency please share them!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

TradeSkillMaster Guides - Updated for MoP

It's been a busy few days for me but it's done! A lot of people were requesting an updated TradeSkillMaster guide series using the new interface. Between that, the new features (Quick Posting <3 ) and the fact it would give me a chance to make them easier on the ears I decided it was time to update the guides.

So here they are!  You'll notice the "Advanced Tactics" video is just the first, implying there may be more. If you have something you want to learn more in-depth in TSM feel free to ask; it may be in a future Advanced Tactics guide.

Auctioning and Group Creation

Crafting, Shopping, and Dealfinding

Mailing and Destroying

Advanced Tactics #1

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spirits of Harmony - Determining Value

The most common question I've been asked on my server is what the value of a Spirit of Harmony is. Some people want to know how much to offer, the others want to know how much to sell theirs for. It's a question many people are starting to ask now that eyes have turned on professions and gearing up.

The short answer that I give them:  "I don't know."  But let's get into the long answer too.

Right now Spirit of Harmony is a Bind on Pickup crafting item.  When looking at the value of a Spirit of Harmony you have to think about the way the seller values the Spirit.  This is affected by a few different factors:

  1. What professions does the seller have to use it with?
    Faid is a Blacksmith/Engineer while, for example, my friend Altrien is a Miner/Engineer.  This means that he can only spend his SoH on Engineering while I have a choice to instead spend them on Blacksmithing.

    Blacksmithing has many recipes to buy with Spirits of Harmony while Engineering doesn't require any for the purchase of recipes. This means that Altrien can immediately start funneling his Spirits of Harmony into crafted items to sell while, despite having Engineering as well, my next twenty six Spirits are earmarked for buying Blacksmithing patterns.  Because of this you'll have much better luck asking someone like Altrien to make that scope instead of someone like me.

    Beyond buying patterns it also comes down to usefulness. Not all Spirit of Harmony uses are created equal. Let's look at the Long Range Trillium Sniper which, due to its scope requirement, essentially costs two Spirits of Harmony.  If I do not spend these two Spirits then this gun does not come into existence, I cannot make and sell this gun without these Spirits.

    Compare that to an Alchemist/Herbalist with Spirits of Harmony. They have only one use at this point, using three Spirits to create an extra Living Steel that's not on the daily cooldown.  In the Engineering example it's a question of "Do you want a gun or not?" while in the Alchemist situation it's "Do you want that today or do you want it tomorrow?" Because Alchemists and Tailors don't actually make anything new with their Spirits, only create something they can already make, sans cooldown, professions like Alchemy and Tailoring will likely see less value in their Spirits of Harmony.

  2. How hard is it for the seller to farm Spirits?
    A level 86 Disc/Holy priest will find it much more difficult to farm Spirits of Harmony than a level 90 Fury Warrior. Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest a better drop rate of Spirits from higher level mobs (because of this I'm working on a new SoH farming video for level 90 players, stay tuned!) and the faster a player can kill mobs the more Spirits they get.

    That priest may look at ever Spirit as a sacred crafting ingredient as they might see only one a week while the Warrior can farm several in a single play session and so the priest will probably value their Spirits much more.

  3. What is the going rate of Golden Lotus on your server?
    I've seen a lot of players on my server falling for this one. (Also, it's a gold tip I suppose!) For one Spirit of Harmony you can buy three Golden Lotus by visiting Danky for Horde or Krystel for Alliance.

    This means that the floor price for Spirits of Harmony should be three times the value of a Golden Lotus. I've seen people in Trade offering 300g per Spirit of Harmony. They bring you to the vendor, tell you to buy the Lotus and then they pay you 300g for the 3 Lotus which, on my server, they then put on the AH for 300g a piece, tripling their gold off of your Spirit.  

At the end of the day some people will be selling theirs for dirt cheap (because there's always that guy who thinks he farmed it so it's free) and there are people who won't be convinced to part with their Spirits at any price but until Blizzard shows mercy and makes these Spirits non-soulbound these are some important things to consider when trying to place a value on Spirits of Harmony.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Spirit of Harmony Farming in Kun-Lai

Hey folks! I'm looking for the best places to farm Spirits of Harmony. I look forward to checking out level 90 zones but for us low-level folks looking for Spirits check out my newest video:

Thanks to Willifer at The Consortium for mentioning this spot.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Working BEST as a Team!

Today's been a great day so far. I'm sure you all came here for gold making info but sorry, I have to talk about how awesome my guild is. 

I'm a member of Legacy of the Illuminati, a friends and family guild that I adore. We've got a large number of achievement-driven players in our ranks and so our eyes were turned to Server Firsts when Mists officially launched.

And holy cow, the guild did amazing! Of the fifteen professions in the game Legacy of the Illuminati members hold ten profession server firsts. Here's our list:

Alchemy - Teneniel
Blacksmithing - Faid
Cooking - Rivelle
Enchanting - Daniora
Engineering - Faid
Herbalism - Teneniel
Jewelcrafting - Kerithar
Leatherworking - Eluniar
Skinning - Rivelle
Tailoring - Lawlstone

Congratualations to everyone! But wait, that's not all! Thanks to Yamka, Daniora, Nelani, Miacoda, and myself we finished up our last few achievements and snagged Realm First! Working Better As a Team!

And so while I have a lot to say about gold and about my own two server firsts I just want to finish up this night (yes, finish the night at eight in the morning) by saying that my guild is totally awesome.

If you'd like to see it the first bit of the night (and by bit I mean three hours) it's all available to watch here.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Goodbye, Helenia.

Important Note: I will be live-streaming my run for Server First Engineering tonight starting at 12:45 AM Mountain time (long live Mountain time, the time zone no one uses!) and I invite you to hang out at to see just how much it ends up costing me!

A reader, Groo, sent me an email a while back that I was far too slow to respond to. However, we still have a few hours for the non-EU folks. (Sorry, EU friends!)

With the destruction of Theramore a lot of NPCs have disappeared including Helenia Olden.  I was not able to find any information about a relocation of her or her wares. (Please share in the comments if you've spotted anything that's gone missing!)

While no recipe in the game is 100% specific to Helenia she is the only Alliance vendor available for a few items.  Luckily it's not too late. If you have any character that hasn't yet done the Theramore event you can head out there and it won't be cratered quite yet. Since mages can port you straight there you can even roll a new alt just to snag her items if you already did the event on every character.

Be sure to pay her a last minute visit and buy her limited quantity recipes Design: Truesilver Crab and Design: Black Pearl Panther.  Once she disappears players will need to look to the Horde for these recipes.

You can also get her cooking recipes and Pattern: Murloc Scale Bracers but as these items will still be available on other Alliance vendors they're lower on the priority list.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Recipe Vendor MIA - Some recipes no longer obtainable!

Hagu, a listener of the Litecast, sent in a question asking if the Desoalce caravan had been removed since they couldn't find it. I went out to Desolace to check for myself and sure enough the caravan seems to be MIA.

I've gone up and down this road three times with my eyes, a targeting macro, and NPCS Scan and Cork Gizelton's caravan is not in sight. Either it was moved or was removed.

Until this NPC and his buddies are found again then currently impacted are:

Wowhead comments seem to confirm that these vendors are not currently available in the game.  This means that if you have any of these recipes stockpiled (have you tried a vendor recipe collection?) you can now command a much higher price for them.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Auction House Sorting: A Whole New Game

Now that people have driven Warbot Ignition Keys into the ground all for their sweet, sweet, 25g profit I've turned my attention to the more interesting thing that came up from the patch.

Some sellers, particularly in glyphs, may have noticed they were getting some strange sales. Even if there were countless glyphs cheaper than yours people would sometimes buy your higher priced one. Why?

Blizzard messed up their Auction House sorting with the patch and right now, contrary to what players have known for their entire WoW-lives, the auction house is sorting the most expensive items first. Now, this all goes out the window if you use Auctioneer or another AH addon but for those using the default UI they are seeing the most expensive items first.

Most players will then see an expensive item and shop around, go to the next page, and find the cheaper auctions. But not all of them.

After I noticed this strange sorting bug I changed the way I posted my glyphs. Currently on each faction I have a wall ten deep of each glyph for 500g. This ensures that my glyphs are at the top of the list and that 500g is all they see if they don't go scrolling or page-flipping.

In the meantime on another character I'm moving in with two of each glyph at my normal threshold/fallback. This way I'm selling to both the lazy buyers who buy the top of the list and to those who shop around and buy the cheaper selection.

I don't sell many at the high prices, I've probably sold about 45 glyphs this way. But 45 glyphs at 500g/glyph is a pretty substantial thing when you think about it and by selling at my normal settings on another character there's no missed revenue.

I'm sure eventually the masses will catch on to the sorting bug but until then I'll be happy to sell them 30g glyphs for 500g.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Six Thousand Gold Vendor Pet

This has been posted about on the Consortium forums but I thought I'd bring it to the blog since it's been so freaking lucrative and, well, I can't pass up an opportunity talk about reselling vendor items!

Years ago Mountain Dew and Blizzard had a promotion for Game Fuel. If you registered you'd get a little Warbot in-game pet and if you bought Game Fuel you could get fuel for your Warbot and make it fight with other players' bots.

Thanks to the patch new players or those who just missed the pet during the promotion can now purchase one from one of the toy vendors:

The Warbot Ignition Key will run you 350g after all applicable discounts. You can also buy the fuel for under a gold for a stack of five which is great for those of us who got the pet but never could stomach that terrible soda!  

Here's the fun bit: The pet isn't BoP.  You can sell it on the Auction House. Now, it is Unique, so you can only have one in your bags at a time but with multiple runs between the toy vendor and your preferred destination you can have several on the AH and can also store them in the mail or guild bank!

So just how much are these pets worth? I've sold a few for six thousand gold so far! You may even be able to run yours higher though the competition will be setting in once this gets out. Get some high sales fast!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Belt Buckles - Get em sold!

This post was written by Eluniar for our guild forums and I thought it was relevant to pass along. 

Just as a heads up, the current Ebonsteel Belt Buckle  is available at 525 blacksmithing and can be used on anything ilvl 500 or lower. The Ebonsteel Belt Buckle will be changed to only affect items 375 or lower.  This change could be implemented as soon as 5.0. 
What does this mean?  
If you get a belt from:
  • Hour of Twilight
  • Firelands (Normal/Heroic)
  • Dragonsoul (Normal/Heroic)
  • Firelands Vendors
  • JP+VP Vendors
  • Any other belt > 375 iLevel
. . . you will not be able to socket it with an additional socket until you get a Panda belt buckle Living Steel Belt Buckle.  This belt buckle currently has no ilvl requirement, requires a Blacksmith at 600 skill who is honored with Klaxxi reputation and picked up the plans, and has living steel. Living steel is only made once per day through alchemy, or multiple extra times ignoring the cooldown via farming a ton of spirits of harmony. 
What this ultimately means: if you have the option of getting a belt upgrade now, get it now and you can put a socket it in. Any belts over 375 (which basically means 378+ belts) will not be socketable until a bit into MOP.

As for what this means for a gold making perspective . . .  liquidate any belt buckle stock you have now! There's no guarantee when this change will take place but after some discussion Eluniar and I both imagine it will likely happen on Tuesday.  Better safe than sorry, if you have any precrafted belt buckles try and get them sold this week.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Duped Items: The Unaddressed Issue

There have been a few bloggers mentioning botting and duping recently. From Jim's Strong Evidence of Rampant Item Duplication in WoW to Xsinthis' Of Bots, Dupes, and Ethics I've enjoyed reading what other folks have written about this sort of activity within the World of Warcraft.

Of the opinions folks have taken on the matter I agree largely with Xsinthis and I personally view bots as just another factor in the economy that adds an interesting twist. If it weren't for the rise of bots and the eventual (and hard to accurately predict) banwaves the economy would be a very boring place of constant prices and little change.

However, that's not what this blog post is about. This blog post is about something I've been ruminating on for quite some time and something I think we should all be a little worried over. Blizzard's stance on people who buy "illegitimate merchandise."

I'm talking specifically about things like epic gems, Crimson Deathchargers, and other items which exist in the game and are sold within the game, either via trade window or Auction House.

[...] we're out to punish those that exploit WoW, not innocent players. Intent and context play a large part in our investigative process, and those that accidentally purchase ill-gotten items shouldn't fear recrimination.

A good stance to take; if a player spends their hard-earned gold on an item the last thing they want is for Blizzard to take that away. (And as someone who has had Blizzard take items away let me assure you they will almost never refund your gold.)

Unfortunately, despite what they've stated here, this isn't actually how the situations are treated.  A player named Stonewolf is out 600,000g because Blizzard removed Queen's Garnets he purchased through Trade. 

It's quite clear that what Blizzard says and what Blizzard does don't always align (surprise surprise) but never has it been so worrisome as it is in this issue.  Check out these two blue posts, the second of which is a Blue quoting an MVP:

That said, if you suspect that a player is selling items of a dubious origin then steer clear. Only good can come of buying from legitimate sellers; you'll help protect your realm's economy and reduce the market demand for exploited goods. - Source

If you think that you've come into possession of some ill-gotten goods, feel free to report yourself and the player you purchased them from. Nobody here can tell you what's going to happen to those garnets. - Source

This is the unaddressed issue; the question no one seems to be asking that I think we all should be: What has become of this game when players cannot trust even the purchases they make via the Auction House?

One of the reasons that Trading Card Game mounts were made non-soulbound was so that people would quit getting ripped off; Blizzard has no way of policing your giving a random person gold and knowing whether or not they gave you a legitimate code. They just can't enforce anything there.  The idea behind TCG mounts being able to be sold in-game was that you can trust that when you give them the gold you are getting the item, whether via trade window or the Auction House.

This was all well and good until players like Stonewolf began having items removed from their inventory, items they bought entirely in-game.  Blizzard continues to say things along the lines of "If the price is too good to be true it probably is, don't buy it and report them."

Which is absolute bullshit.  Since when is it a player's job to police the activities of other players? Why does it fall on my shoulders, as a legitimate player, to suspect everyone of being a hacker just to protect myself?  Suddenly it is our job to second guess every transaction, transactions which should be entirely protected by Blizzard.

Duping happens. I get that. Hell, I even get the removal of items to try to keep the economy stable. But it is an unacceptable situation that Joe might spend all his hard earned gold on Widgets just to wake up one morning to empty bags and empty coffers because Blizzard was unable to protect their own in-game transactions.

One way or another duping will probably stick around, I don't doubt that. But the fact that a victim who buys duped items can then be victimized a second time by Blizzard because the player wasn't vigilant enough in being suspicious of other players . . . that's where you begin to have problems.

I'd love to buy a Crimson Deathcharger for my second account but now I can't even buy one of the more expensive ones because I don't trust it to be there when I wake up and that's a pretty serious issue, far more than the duping itself.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ultimate Recipe Collections get more Ultimate!

Today I'm releasing the first update for the Ultimate Vendor Recipe Collections.  I'm really happy with how the update's turned out and I think you all will be too.

What are the Ultimate Vendor Recipe Collections?

They're two guides, one for Horde folks and one for Alliance. They will lay out for you every vendor recipe in the game that is available to your faction. They highlight faction-specific recipes (great arbitrage candidates!) and everything is arranged geographically so it is easy to move from vendor to vendor, something I've yet to see with any other guide or resource out there.

But wait, there's more!

What's new in the updated versions?
Thanks to suggestions from purchasers of the first versions I've added in a few more useful features. 

  • I've rearranged the list; instead of a strict North-to-South I've outlined an actual route for you to follow which should cut down on massive amounts of zigzagging.
  • I've included maps with the routes I use outlined on them to help you get an idea of where to go next.
  • I've included TomTom waypoints for every single vendor as well as a guide for how to use TomTom with these collections.
  • I've included information on whether or not any recipe is Limited Quantity.
Sidenote: In my update announcement I stated that there would be TSM Auctioning lists. When I went to add them I found out it's not possible to make Auctioning groups just with Item IDs. Sapu has stated he's working on it and I will add them in as soon as I am able.

Holy crap, where do I get my hands on these awesome works of art and support Faid in the process?

I already purchased a previous version. Where's my free update?
If you've purchased a previous version simply send me an e-mail from the same address you'd used to purchase your collection and I will send out an updated version shortly.

I really want to get into vendor recipes but can't/won't spend the money on a guide.
I get that. For what it's worth it's only three bucks and it helps me out a lot, but I totally feel ya on this one.  If you're just interested in getting a bare-bones sort of set up you can try the RecipeProfit plugin for GatherMate2. It's free and highlights many profitable recipes.

But Faid, if it's free why would I buy a guide? Well, you get what you pay for. RecipeProfit is decent for getting started but the dozens and dozens of incorrect, misplaced, or altogether missing vendors that I ran into were startling. It'll be alright for picking up a recipe here or there but if you want a more complete experience (and if you want to sell the recipes your competitors using RecipeProfit know nothing about!) I urge you to check your couch cushions for a few bucks in change.

If you have any questions check out the Store FAQ. If you still have questions feel free to ask!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Recipe Collections Update Coming

A while back I created the Ultimate Recipe Collections to assist people who were interested in selling vendor recipes. I don't often to go out of my way to mention or bark it unless it's incredibly relevant to the conversation so I imagine some folks don't know it exists.

Basically, quite a while back I felt there was no good resource for vendor recipes. Sure, there's wowhead searches with the appropriate filters but every time I wanted to get recipes I would end up missing a few and wasting tons of time since it wasn't properly sorted.

So I made a massive list of every vendor recipe sorted by geographic location, highlighting important faction-specific recipes and adding notes where necessary. Once it became cleaned and polished I felt I had something that was really valuable. As money was (and is) tight and I was also interested in learning to sell things online I put them up for purchase at two bucks per faction.

The response has been very positive, significantly moreso than I ever imagined. I knew that the list was a valuable tool but I admit I didn't know how it would be received by people who aren't as hooked on vendor items as I am; I am very happy to have received many words of praise from purchasers.

So thank you for everyone who bought a recipe collection, I know two bucks doesn't seem like much but you guys really helped me out a lot.

So what's this about updates?  Well, along with all the good reviews I also received a lot of recommendations for future updates, recommendations I've taken to heart.  I'm working on updating the collections with some of these requested features and a new version of each faction's collection should be out before the month ends.

Planned Additions:
  • There will be TomTom waypoint macros for every vendor on the list.
  • There will be maps outlining the route I follow when stocking up on these items.
  • There will be information on Limited Quantity numbers, as well as information about the spawn times/details where available.
  • There will be importable TSM Auctioning groups to sell the items in the collections.

Anyone who purchased a collection already will be entitled to upgrade to the newer version for free once it's been released.  Because of the increased amount of time invested and value in the collections, as well as money continuing to be far too tight around here, I will likely be raising the price to three dollars per faction when the updates are released. (Hint: That means you can get it for 2 dollars before they're released and get the free upgrade once the new version's out, saving a buck per faction!)

I guess that's about it. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Want to purchase a collection before the price rises with the new update? Check out the store!

Want to hear what others thought about the collections? Check out the reviews from Farli at The Overcut and Focushot at Hunter Mastery.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Glyph Competition: A Primer

One of the most common things people ask me about is competition and the glyph market. For most servers glyphs will be the most competitive and challenging market to get a strong foothold in. Those of us who love glyphs really love glyphs and it will take an iron will to unseat some of the more stubborn glyph sellers.

Every situation is different and your course of action should be decided based on your specific situation. How much time to you have to spend? Do you need profit now or can you put profit on the backburner if it means more profit further down the line? How much patience do you have for AH camping? What types of players are keeping you from being a kingpin in your glyph market? What kind of competition will they respond to?  All of these questions are important to consider when planning to enter the glyph market as a serious competitor.

So you want to beat your competitors out of the glyph market.  How do you do it? Essentially if you want to drive vast amounts of people out of the market you have a single goal: Make it not worth their time to stay in.

There are two main ways to do this and it comes down to what you have more of: time or stubbornness.

Method 1: AH Camping
The first method requires a lot of time and that's essentially to camp the AH. You can keep prices high this way because you will always be the lowest on the list. This method discourages competitors because they can't get a sale in edgewise as you exercise complete presence on the auction house.

TSM Settings for this Method:

  • Ignore stacks over 1
  • Post Time: 12 Hours
  • Post Cap: 1
  • Per Auction: 1
  • Undercut by 1c
  • Bid Percent 100%
  • Price Threshold 110% of Crafting Cost
  • Fallback (Your preference, I choose 325g)
  • Reset Method: Post at Fallback

Method 2: Walling
If you don't have as much time the other method is stubbornness. If you can't stop them from getting sales you can instead make sure that those sales net so little profit that they begin to look at other ways to make gold.

This is usually done through walls. Some people do large low walls (Say, 5-10 of each glyph at 105% of crafting cost) while others do staggered walls (2 glyphs at 20g, 2 glyphs at 25g, 2 glyphs at 30g.) I like huge low walls since I feel it gives an impression that you are uncompromising and are willing to take everyone down with you. (Critical Goblin preferred staggered walls and makes some excellent points at his blog.)

If you intend to wall understand you're in for the long haul. Some people may disappear in a few days, others might take several months. The point is to never budge, never falter in the wall. If you stop before you drain them of hope you've just wasted your time and stock. Just keep your prices just above crafting costs so you are breaking even or slightly profiting so you don't go under during the wall event. See a glyph that you could sell for 300g? Don't. Sell it for 25. The point of the wall isn't to make gold, it's to make sure no one else is making decent gold. The profit will come later, right now it's about crushing the hopes and dreams of your competitors.

TSM Settings for this Method will vary depending on if you do single walls or staggered walls. Just remember to have enough glyphs up that they can't easily reset the price (that will give them hope) and you will be able to maintain the low prices even if you can't be online for a while.

For my large low wall I posted 10x of each glyph at 30g with a threshold of 18g and a larger undercut, up to a 10g undercut to make people think twice about undercutting me.

If you can be online most hours of the day I like the first method but if you can't your best bet is more than likely walls.

Most people who have been in the glyph markets competitively for quite some time have their own style of driving competitors out or defending themselves against people using these strategies.  For those interested in the topic here are some of my favorite posts from other bloggers about glyph strategies and market control:

Foo's WoW Musings -
   Foo has always been the first blogger I think of when I think glyphs.  I've always found his information insightful and his thoughts on glyph selling practices to be very thought-provoking and educational.

   You can't talk about Foo's work with glyphs without also talking about Breevok, another gold blogger who was in direct competition with Foo on the same server.  Breevok is very missed in the blogging community but his chronicling of his glyph experiences is still a great read.

   Critical didn't stick around very long but his posts were fascinating to read. He was one of the more aggressive glyph sellers I've seen and walked readers through every concept. While he has many other glyph posts on his blog the best bet is to check out:

There are countless great posts out there about glyphs but the above bloggers I feel give a great view of glyph competition from multiple angles and do a great job showing  off the differing mindsets and varying strategies different sellers use when approaching glyphs.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Glyphs: A Collection of MoP Resources

One of the most common questions I get lately is about glyphs and what will become of them in Mists of Pandaria.  There are a lot of rumors and uncertainty in the air right now and it's got a lot of scribes feeling a bit lost when they determine what they should be doing now.  So let's take a real look at the different routes to take while we gear up for Mists of Pandaria.

Stocking Glyphs
A lot of the speculation I've seen has stemmed from what we saw in the Wrath of the Lich King => Cataclysm change over. Most of the players who are worried about pre-crafting glyphs are worried because a large portion of glyphs in Cataclysm became charred and worthless. Fearing their entire stock might be rendered valueless some scribes are hesitant to craft glyphs.

Worry not, friends. I'd been privy to a few rudimentary lists colleagues had made early on but nothing that I felt comfortable sharing as it was neither public nor my work. However a very useful (and easy on the eyes) list has been created by Ravanys and posted at the Consortium.

Inscriptionist (I didn't choose the name!) showcases the side-by-side comparisons of Cataclysm glyphs and their Mists of Pandaria counterparts.  It's important to remember that Mists of Pandaria is still in beta and anything is subject to change. However I feel that this listing goes a long way towards realizing just how little stock will likely be impacted by the glyph changes in the upcoming expansion.

Armed with great resources like the above link I think it is not a bad idea to pre-craft most of your glyphs; I know I will be. The last thing I want to spend the first week of a brand new expansion doing is crafting a huge mountain of glyphs!

Stocking Inks
I plan on having a moderate stock of inks but most of my glyphs will be pre-crafted. But what inks to stockpile? Once again the Consortium and the wonderful folks who frequent the forums shine out. Meyer's done the math for us, giving a great breakdown of the ink distribution that a player stocking inks will want to follow.

Once again, beta's subject to change yadda yadda yadda. However this is a good general ratio to follow when stockpiling ink.

What will Faid do?
As I've stated previously I intend to have most of my glyphs pre-crafted long before the expansion arrives. Regardless of anything else the amount of time I save in the first weeks of the patch will be invaluable; working on new professions and new content will be a far more valuable use of that time than crafting a bunch of glyphs I could have had taken care of beforehand.

Odds are Mists of Pandaria herbs will stay fairly high for quite a while. This fact, combined with the fact that we will no longer be able to trade Blackfallow ink, means that I'll need enough stock on hand to keep from needing to restock from the AH for some time. Because of this I will likely have a few tabs of ink backed up as well to cover any hot selling glyphs that I may need to recraft before prices level out.

What should you do?
Your situation is probably different than mine. I've tailored my battle plan to how I know I will act both before and after the expansion is released. Unsure what plan will work for you? Check out Kathroman's excellent post. I believe he hit on most of the main points for scribes to keep in mind and laid out a simple, profitable plan for anyone unsure of what to do going forward.  Good luck in glyphs!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Off-Grid For a Bit

Howdy folks. I was just going to disappear into the shadows for a bit but was worried some folks might be like "zomg where's the new LiteCast episode zomg?!" so I should probably formally say "brb."

Some recent events have pulled my interest away from the games I usually play, blogging, livestreaming, etc. This past weekend a family member passed away, money is tight, and I've just got a lot on my plate at the moment. For a week, possibly more, I think I'm just going to be a bit of a hermit.

Please do still send any gold-making questions to to be answered on the LiteCast, it will be nice to come back to a lot of great questions to answer.  Sorry if I've been overly snarky recently, I've just been in a terrible mood and I figure it's better just to take a break than to keep snapping at people who I truly enjoy having as fans and speaking with.

I'll still be around, on twitter and the like, just not engaging much in gold-making chatter. I'm sure you all understand. I'll see you soon.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Deal with Netherweave Bags

Netherweave Bags. Whether we're discussing the most efficient way to stockpile (bolts!) or complaining about the ridiculously long crafting time, you've probably heard many gold makers discuss Netherweave Bags. These little sixteen-slot goldmines are a favorite among gold makers and rarely does anyone question what works.

I recently got into a discussion on reddit, however, about the value of Netherweave Bags from a gold-makers perspective as opposed to Frostweave or Embersilk, particularly talking about what's going to be important for Mists of Pandaria.  It occurred to me that not everyone realizes why Netherweave Bags are the favorite. So let's go over that right now.

What's the deal with Netherweave Bags?
Netherweave Bags have two things going for them.

#1. They're cheap. 
Netherweave Bags were the last normal bag made with basic cloth and some string. Afterwards Blizzard starting adding in enchanting dust and the like and greatly increasing the amount of cloth necessary per bag. This meant that every bag was significantly more mat-intensive. How  mat-intensive? Well, for a visual aid, here's the raw materials for Netherweave, Frostweave, and Embersilk Bags:

To be honest there's not more more that needs to be said here. One stack of cloth versus 3-4 stacks + dust and maybe thread? It's no wonder Netherweave's so cheap!

Just how cheap is it? On average, in the US, Netherweave Bags will run you 1g21s per bag slot. Frostweave will cost you 11g38s per bag slot and Embersilk will cost you 16g86s per bag slot.  When you consider that you will be paying roughly ten to fifteen times as much per slot most players are willing to drop a few slots for a good deal.

#2. People know they're cheap.
When someone brings their alt to the AH for the first time or buys bags to send off in the mail they usually know just what they're searching for. It's why you'll sell a lot more Embersilk Bags even if your Abyssal Bags are priced cheaper. Not many players really "browse" bags.

Netherweave Bags have been so cost-efficient for so long that they are the known go-to bags to get your alt a lot of space on a small budget. Generally speaking players will want bigger bags for their main and maybe their favorite alt but I don't know many players who are willing to buy humongous bags for every alt they roll. Even players like myself, with several alts outfitted with Illusionary Bags, likely have more bag slots on their account filled with Netherweave than any other type. They're just so damn cost-effective and everyone knows it, keeping the demand high.

I know you see that 200-500g price tag on the larger bags and you get all excited. There's no reason not to liquidate your ShuffleDust into Embersilk Bags. But as far as stockpiling for Mists of Pandaria goes you'll do yourself a great disservice if you're not filling tabs with Netherweave.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I'm in Hell but I'm not Dead!

Diablo III has launched and I've been going all-out with it. I was a huge fan of the Diablo series since long before WoW came about and it's been amazing fun getting back into the swing of things. Don't worry, I won't be abandoning WoW and gold-making; I've already received lots of great questions for the next episode of the LiteCast which should be coming out sometime next week.

So for non-Diablo playing WoW fans don't worry, there's plenty of awesome gold-making content on the horizon. But for the Diablo players and want-to-be-Diablo players I have a special treat!

Once the real money auction house was announced gold-makers seemed to flock to Diablo months before the game was even released. I'd read posts or listen to podcasts and hear people who hadn't played Diablo and thought it was going to be just like WoW. It was painful and I didn't want to be lost in the wave of people chasing the next big game, so I didn't make a Diablo blog.

The more I've played though the more I've just had to talk about the game. I haven't truly beaten it yet, I'm a level 54 Monk in Hell, but it's been an amazing week so far. I can't help myself, I have to blog about it. Knowing, however, that many readers may not care for Diablo, just as many Diablo readers may not care for WoW, I figured these blogs needed to be split. So, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to The Hellforge.  I hope you'll bookmark the site and enjoy reading about Diablo III as much as I enjoy writing about it.

So what about the folks who think they'll like Diablo but aren't sure yet?  Well, I'm celebrating the new blog by giving away a few guest passes. Over the next few days I'm giving out three guest passes and a free copy of Diablo II and Lord of Destruction, D2's expansion pack, in a series of giveaways at the Hellforge so do come enter! Click here to enter for the first guest pass!

Alright, back to your regularly scheduled WoW content!

Friday, May 4, 2012

New Video! Single-Toon Glyph Selling

Managing an entire stock of glyphs can be really intimidating for new scribes, but it doesn't have to be.  A lot of people think you'll need an army of posting alts to compete in the glyph market and I can tell you that's certainly false.

I've heard a few false claims, particularly when livestreaming. "A single character can't hold every glyph" or "You need three characters at least to manage every glyph, so you should just sell the most profitable to save time."

It's no secret that a huge portion of my gold has been made in the glyph market. It was my first market and will always be one of my favorites, though sometimes I question my sanity over that fact. Through the years I've sold glyphs I've experimented with many different styles of stock management and I've found what works best for me.

Here's the deal: A single character can easily hold every glyph and post them in a matter of minutes. You don't even need to worry about your mailbox or have access to a personal guild bank. Here's how I do it:

Monday, April 30, 2012

Cataclysm: Looking Back it Wasn't Half Bad!

As the expansion winds down I've found myself thinking back on all that's happened since the Cataclysm. Due to very large breaks in Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King this is the first expansion I experienced all the way through and when I look back I realize how far I've come in-game.

This was a pretty eventful expansion for me. I was able to achieve server first for Engineering while Eluniar took Leatherworking. Leveling was pretty interesting and I tried out the new Archaeology thing.  I had only recently hit old gold-cap of 214k and change so I set my sights on the new gold cap of 1 million gold.

I quickly set my sights on something I couldn't finish in Wrath: Shadowmourne. I was a tank for all of Wrath and so I was at the bottom of the priority list when ICC was current content. For the first several months of Cataclysm I herded a ragtag bunch of cats through Icecrown Citadel, netting myself an orange axe, some nice vanity items, and a complete hatred of ICC. (Over a year of raiding it every week really wears you down!)

We are in Legacy of the Illuminati, a rather tight-knit friends and family PvE guild. We're not the best of the best but we're within the first dozen guilds on our server more often than not as far as raid progression. While we didn't expect to get any server first boss kills we were able to really pull together as a guild and grab Realm First Guild Level 25. I can definitely say that the time we spent coming together to push for that achievement was the most fun I've ever had with my guild.  (Though I can also definitely say I never want to run Halls of Origination ever again!)

I was rejoined by some old friends, transferring my original Faid character (now named Rixen) and my warlock to the Alliance from my old server where I played Horde.  It was fun to be playing my long-forgotten BC main again, even if she's now alt-status. 

We had a lot of issues with rostering tanks this expansion. Our main tank in Wrath rerolled as a resto druid and so we were left with myself and a DK who eventually rerolled as a druid as well, then quit. Tank instability impeded our progress quite a bit but we pulled together and have accomplished nearly all of the raiding goals we have this expansion. All three of our main spec DPS casters have legendary staves, our rogue has legendary daggers.

I eventually hit 1 million gold, then moved on and hit 2 million gold as well. I've spent a significant amount of that on mounts including completing my own personal challenge: Buying a Swift Spectral Tiger. In fact, I bought a Swift Spectral for myself and two non-epics, one for myself and one for Eluniar.
I'm back down to about 1.2 million and this is probably where I will hover in preparation for Mists of Pandaria.

All in all I'm pleased about how Cataclysm's gone.  My friends, aka my raid group, are still going strong and we've done well as a team. Most of  my goals were met and then some.  Regardless of how I view the quality of content I will say I found Cataclysm a very fun time for me.

Current Stats:
Achievement Points: 13,070
Mounts: 158
Pets: 167
Titles: 53
Gold: ~1.2 Million Liquid
Favorite Memory this Expac: Server First Guild Level 25

Monday, April 23, 2012

Preparing for Preparation

It's that time of expansion again, a time when I get downright bored. In Wrath of the Lich King it's at this time that I picked up gold making for the first time, it kept me interested in a game that was otherwise getting very dull for me.  This time, however, gold making is not a new and exciting adventure, it's just more of the same. 

I've been trying to figure out what I should be doing in regards to gold-making to prepare for MoP.  I was at roughly two million gold a few weeks back which was a nice place to be.  Quickly I started spending like a madman, however.  I've spent close to a million gold on TCG mounts (Magic Rooster Egg, Swift Spectral Tiger) and buying the mount from the winner when we killed Heroic Rags for the first time as a guild last night! (Grats LotI, a bit late but still third on the realm!)

Now I'm hovering between 1.1 million and 1.3 million liquid gold. I considered trying to regain what I spent and planned to try to hit 2 million again before MoP. Then I realized that would be painful. While not necessarily difficult it would undoubtedly be incredibly boring. Any gem but Inferno Rubies sell for <10g on my server and it's usually more profitable to cut and vendor non-reds. Transmog is profitable but slow. As raiding dies down so too do enchant, flask, and potion sales.  The only market I have that even interests me lately is glyphs, and that is a special kind of boring. An endearing kind of boring, but boring nevertheless.

I could hit two million before MoP but I just flat out don't want to. 

While I don't intend to take a break from playing WoW upon Diablo 3's release it's entirely possible that it comes to pass and I've decided to make sure I've got the bases covered. With this in mind I've turned my attention in the last few days to clearing out any stock that I think won't increase in value in MoP.

I've liquidated tons of herbs that I had sitting in my "just in case" pile and smelted all my Pyrite. I'll combine that with my Volatiles to begin crafting Truegold for the longhaul. Titansteel increased in value to an alarming degree and I anticipate a similar happening with Truegold, and so that will be my main focus this early in my stockpiling.

I also intend to stock up on a good amount of pretty much every Volatile.  By pure chance I found myself with an entire guild bank of Eternals, mostly the "cheap" ones like Earth and Shadow, at the beginning of Cataclysm and that has paid off very well, I anticipate Volatiles will maintain a good bit of value going forward.

Once we've seen the way glyphs and Inscription are being handled in the beta I'll turn my attention to the idea of stockpiling inks or maybe premade glyphs if I can discern with any certainty the value of that.

Right now I'm just kind of coasting along, enjoying the quiet end of the expansion when we finish up our raiding goals and just chill until MoP comes out. And, of course, I'm overdosing on the D3 beta!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

From the Vault: Undermine Journal Notifications

From the Vault:  Every Tuesday and Friday we'll be shining a spotlight on some of the most popular and timeless posts from Nerf Faids here on ClockworkRiot. Folks who missed them the first time around can enjoy some of the best pieces and folks who have seen them can maybe be reminded of a trick or two that they'd forgotten.

Isn't that just the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? This enchant has sold on my server in the past for upwards of 30k.  I'm not yet sure if I'll flip it or learn it, since it's also the highest +Stats enchant that can be put on BoA chestpieces.  Regardless, it's an amazing deal.

With an incredibly active AH (3 AM on a Wednesday? Over 900 pages of auctions!) however did I snag such a great deal before someone else grabbed it up? The answer to that is the greatest thing since sliced bread, if sliced bread sent you e-mail notifications to tell you it had recently been sliced.

The Undermine Journal has a feature which allows you to set parameters for notifications.  Basically anything that can be posted on the AH can have a notification set up for it. You can have one just to let you know if one's even available, if one's available under a certain price, or even if there's none available so you know when you can jack up prices.

I get these notifications sent to my e-mail which I'm constantly able to view throughout the day. I believe they're now also doing twitter and Facebook stuff though, so you can probably even have it, either directly or roundabout, sent to your phone!  (Don't quote me on that though, you kids and your newfangled facetwitterbookspace confuse the heck out of me.)

The best bit is that if, like me, you're too lazy to make your own notifications you can now import other people's lists. Granted, this may cause you more headache than help; on my server most of the "rare" items are posted in vast quantities so I often get mostly useless notifications, but I deal with them for the time saving and for these great 45g deals.

A great guide to setting up notifications as well as a list of notifications you can just copy and paste (the same list I'm using!) is available over at The Consortium, check it out!