Friday, March 9, 2012

Beginner Tip: Stringy Wolf Meat

Often folks will ask me about how to make gold on a new server or faction. I like to recommend my old go-to vendor recipes and pets. But the problem is if you are truly brand new on a server you may not even be able to afford those vendor recipes to start with!

On the livestream recently I've been experiencing this first-hand. I started a new toon on a brand new server intending to try out gold making from scratch for the first time in a long time. (If you'd like to watch the recording of the streams here they are: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 7.  Sorry about the staticy audio, I fixed it this morning so future episodes will be crystal clear!)

While on the livestream a very old tactic of mine resurfaced, an item I love to sell but had completely forgotten about.

Mmmm look at that tasty profit.  Now, every server's different but on most servers I've started I was able to sell Stringy Wolf Meat consistently at over a gold a piece. Sure, it doesn't sound like much once you're a big-time gold maker but for a character just starting out 20g per stack's a pretty great start.

Why Stringy Wolf Meat?
From a new character perspective Stringy Wolf Meat is a great gold-making item because it's so easy to farm up.  Both factions have at least one starting area that is crawling with wolves (I recommend Human for Alliance and Undead for Horde.) Worgen will have access to wolves as well. Goblins don't have the option of wolves but you lucky goblins get Kaja'Cola so no complaining! 

On my new character experiment I have made over 200g selling Stringy Wolf Meat so far and I didn't even go out of my way to farm it; that's just what I picked up while leveling through Tirisfal Glades.

Who buys this crap?
The reason Stringy Wolf Meat is such a lucrative item is it is one of the best super-low-level cooking ingredients to level with. You can start cooking with it at level 1 though most players will likely cook Spice Bread till level 40.  However, what happens after 40? Stringy Wolf Meat, that's what happens.  Stringy Wolf Meat can give you skill ups from 1-90. Ninety. Folks leveling cooking eat this stuff up (haha, a pun!) and it's a great way to get some starter cash on your new server.

Psh, it's only like 10s on my server.
Reset that meat, my friend! While resetting the market is probably out of the question for brand new players once you've got 20 or 30g to your name a good amount of gold can be made controlling the Stringy Wolf Meat market. It probably won't be your ticket to gold cap but buying out all that 10s meat and reselling it for 1-2g per piece can be a very lucrative venture for a new gold-maker.


  1. Or just get herbalism and mining and gather every yellow dot you see as you're leveling. I had over 1000g on a fresh server at around level 30 doing this

    1. Definitely an option! In my case I usually have crafting professions so Stringy Wolf Meat is a great option for those folks who don't want to have their two profession slots taken up while leveling.

    2. Well the way I look at it is it's much easier/faster to powerlevel a profession when you have the spare gold and you can one shot everything. So i usually gather til 85 get as much gold as i can then start my crafting professions

  2. If I remember correctly, after level 10 you can go out the back door of Orgrimmar and farm the stag meat. I think that sells pretty well too if I'm not mistaken. Great tip as always Faid.

    I'm also with Ryan. Starting on a new server I would have at least one gathering profession on my way to 85, amass a fortune and as many of the mats for my future production prof as possible, then drop the gathering profession and powerlevel the desired production profession.

    Production professions simply do not help you get to level 85 in any way.

    1. Not to mention the exp bonus for gathering nodes :D

    2. Hehe, I'll trade a bit of bonus experience and some ore for being able to craft 300g items at level 10 any day! =D

      Mmm Minor Inscription Research.