Tuesday, March 20, 2012

TSM Guide Videos

Special Note: Third time's the charm! This is the third, yes, third time I've uploaded these TSM videos. Hopefully they're here to stay. The audio should be loud enough, if a bit crackly, they contain the right URL, and are on the right channel. Please be sure to thumbs up/like the videos just one last time. Thanks! (Sorry to be such a bother with these. Last time, I promise!)

The time has finally come! Sapu and the rest of the dedicated TSM team have released the newest version of TradeSkillMaster! I've been using a pre-release version for a while now and have had a lot of fun with it. The team's done a great job and I'm sure you all will enjoy the changes.

At the bottom of this post is a series of videos which should help newcomers to the addon find their way around and perhaps teach veterans a few things. They are not designed as an advanced manual of tactics; my goal in creating these videos was to help people who have just installed TSM to learn the basics. I'm still learning certain aspects of the addon mysef (Sapu even gave me some tips on my own use of it after I showed him the videos!) but this should be a sufficient primer for those who have found it intimidating in the past.

There is currently no video for Warehousing.  While I have used the tool for a limited time I am still fairly clumsy with it myself as I attempt to learn how exactly it works with my setup.  Once I am more  well-versed with Warehousing I will make a video but it is not required to use the core of TSM so for now it is absent from my video guides.

So what's new?
A lot! In its new form TSM has shed the side-bar style and has integrated into the main AH panel with its own TSM tab from which you use the TSM plugins like shopping for crafting mats and posting auctions. There are new reset scants, shopping lists, and an easy to understand UI.

I hope you all enjoy these videos; I admit my editing isn't top notch but they should serve their purpose well! PLEASE watch these in HD so that you can see the settings and whatnot.

Auctioning (Posting, Cancelling, and Group Creation)
-This should be the first video you watch if you are new to TSM-


Shopping, Dealfinding, and Destroying


Reset Scans
If you have any questions for me feel free to leave them as a comment here or on the videos. If you have questions or concerns about TradeSkillMaster be sure to visit the development forum over at The Consortium forums!


  1. hello.. nice addon i love using it .. but i rly dont like the new skin .. do u have other versions i can download ?? or if its a way to change it back to the old skin

  2. what is that addon that organize your bagnon. one the top vid it puts all the same items together ?