Monday, April 23, 2012

Preparing for Preparation

It's that time of expansion again, a time when I get downright bored. In Wrath of the Lich King it's at this time that I picked up gold making for the first time, it kept me interested in a game that was otherwise getting very dull for me.  This time, however, gold making is not a new and exciting adventure, it's just more of the same. 

I've been trying to figure out what I should be doing in regards to gold-making to prepare for MoP.  I was at roughly two million gold a few weeks back which was a nice place to be.  Quickly I started spending like a madman, however.  I've spent close to a million gold on TCG mounts (Magic Rooster Egg, Swift Spectral Tiger) and buying the mount from the winner when we killed Heroic Rags for the first time as a guild last night! (Grats LotI, a bit late but still third on the realm!)

Now I'm hovering between 1.1 million and 1.3 million liquid gold. I considered trying to regain what I spent and planned to try to hit 2 million again before MoP. Then I realized that would be painful. While not necessarily difficult it would undoubtedly be incredibly boring. Any gem but Inferno Rubies sell for <10g on my server and it's usually more profitable to cut and vendor non-reds. Transmog is profitable but slow. As raiding dies down so too do enchant, flask, and potion sales.  The only market I have that even interests me lately is glyphs, and that is a special kind of boring. An endearing kind of boring, but boring nevertheless.

I could hit two million before MoP but I just flat out don't want to. 

While I don't intend to take a break from playing WoW upon Diablo 3's release it's entirely possible that it comes to pass and I've decided to make sure I've got the bases covered. With this in mind I've turned my attention in the last few days to clearing out any stock that I think won't increase in value in MoP.

I've liquidated tons of herbs that I had sitting in my "just in case" pile and smelted all my Pyrite. I'll combine that with my Volatiles to begin crafting Truegold for the longhaul. Titansteel increased in value to an alarming degree and I anticipate a similar happening with Truegold, and so that will be my main focus this early in my stockpiling.

I also intend to stock up on a good amount of pretty much every Volatile.  By pure chance I found myself with an entire guild bank of Eternals, mostly the "cheap" ones like Earth and Shadow, at the beginning of Cataclysm and that has paid off very well, I anticipate Volatiles will maintain a good bit of value going forward.

Once we've seen the way glyphs and Inscription are being handled in the beta I'll turn my attention to the idea of stockpiling inks or maybe premade glyphs if I can discern with any certainty the value of that.

Right now I'm just kind of coasting along, enjoying the quiet end of the expansion when we finish up our raiding goals and just chill until MoP comes out. And, of course, I'm overdosing on the D3 beta!

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