Friday, May 4, 2012

New Video! Single-Toon Glyph Selling

Managing an entire stock of glyphs can be really intimidating for new scribes, but it doesn't have to be.  A lot of people think you'll need an army of posting alts to compete in the glyph market and I can tell you that's certainly false.

I've heard a few false claims, particularly when livestreaming. "A single character can't hold every glyph" or "You need three characters at least to manage every glyph, so you should just sell the most profitable to save time."

It's no secret that a huge portion of my gold has been made in the glyph market. It was my first market and will always be one of my favorites, though sometimes I question my sanity over that fact. Through the years I've sold glyphs I've experimented with many different styles of stock management and I've found what works best for me.

Here's the deal: A single character can easily hold every glyph and post them in a matter of minutes. You don't even need to worry about your mailbox or have access to a personal guild bank. Here's how I do it:


  1. That is cool. I have a followup comment.. how can you easily figure out what glyph your not selling? I *think* I sell them all but it's hard to tell.. and the other week I found a couple profitable ones I was not selling.

    1. I have TSM Crafting set up to ignore any pricing data and just craft until I have 15 of every glyph I've learned. And since I know every glyph that means that if TSM queues it then I need to make it. :)

    2. you can also use an addon, now deprecated/old called inventorium, enable old addons and it should appear.

      here's the manual and guide

      TSM crafting does a similar job, but it's restrictive and doesn't handle a few things that inventorium does/did/will do.

  2. I'm curious about your approach - crafting every glyph regardless of crafting cost vs. market price. It would seem you'd be crafting a lot of losing glyphs. On my server, most glyphs have dropped to less than 20g each, and the margins are terrible, so I've mostly exited the glyph market.

    1. You actually don't end up crafting a lot of losing glyphs at all. The most you'll ever craft is the 15-20 initial of Glyph of Badness. If no one buys it then I will never restock it and it will be a one-time purchase.

      I've found it's better, not to mention easier, to have every glyph in stock for those rare moments when all the Glyph of Badness sell out and I can get a good rate. It happens more often than you'd think. Especially when people think the way you do and don't craft them.

      Glyph of Badness is 10s for weeks. I still have mine and they post at my fallback of 325g. The other guy who's silly enough to sell Glyph of Badness sells out or doesn't get on to repost, his auctions expire, and I sell one Glyph of Badness for 325g, paying for all of the crafting materials and dirt-cheap posting fees spent on that badness glyph.

      Gaps in your inventory cause gold to fall through. :)

    2. As always it depends on the server but I agree with you, Drypt. For my server there are substantial number of glyphs at a selling price under 25g. There are roughly 100 glyphs that regularly sell for less than 35g. Given the rise in herbs at this stage they really are not worth bothering with.

      I do use one toon to sell all glyphs. My approach has been to craft what I want to sell ie glyphs that are selling over 60g. I keep up 1-4 of each glyph on the AH. It is just a cycle game and normally works out to cancel all glyphs and two trips to the mail to get my cancelled glyphs and two posting cycles. While there are a lot of glyphs that sell low my average selling price for a glyph is 120g. Higher end glyphs sell for 170-200g.

      I do like your method and it is a very viable method.....I just hate making stuff and it continuing to be checked if it should be posted.

    3. Thanks - it does sound like a good strategy - may I ask what your posting settings are (min/fallback)? It sounds like you keep yours at a fallback when market is too low (below crafting cost?) Hopefully you haven't covered this in a blog, as I'm a still a n00b goblin, learning fast!

    4. I personally use the cost of 3 Blackfallow Ink, plus 5-10 gold depending on the market at the time. The reason for this is that Blackfallow can always be turned into the lesser inks, so if any other inks go above the cost of Blackfallow I'd revert to the Blackfallow price. The price of lower herbs fluctuates so much on my server that I don't want to rely on the "market cost" that TSM comes up with for the lesser inks.

      Thus, my Min stays around 22-25g per glyph, and fallback goes to 325g for no particular reason.

    5. i personally figure the cost of what i could sell one ink for as something else, so for example it would be cost of selling a fortune cookie since 1 fortune cookie= 1 ink so three ink being sold is more or less what i calculated my minimum based off of. This gives you a good minimum, so mine actually sits at around 45 gold, because i dont want to waste time milling for less gold.
      Then also keeping every single glyph up because there is the chance they mess up and misclick even if someone is posted under you and you end up making gold anyway. Depending on your competition, and it helps to talk to them as well, you can push market price up, personally my reset sits at 405 gold, one of my competitions reset sits at 499 gold.
      You also have to consider the mentality of people who buy glyphs. They go to the auction house to buy the glyph, and at a certain point it just ceases to matter if its 500 gold per glyph, if that is all that is available then eventually they will crumble and buy it. If its necessary for progression then at some point they will say oh well and eat the cost.

  3. what addon is that that you use to show all your bank and bag slots in one huge screen?

  4. how do u go about reposting when u are undercut? do u ever cancel auctions or just repost more on top?

    1. you can do both a cancel scan and/or a regen of glyphs that have sold.

      the approach i use is slightly different to Faid's

      i use a single toon to post with, it chews up 90% of my bank/bags, i regularly post ~1200 glyphs and inks, roughly 3 of each in the AH.

      to keep this going, most of the time i just cancel & refresh sold glyphs and keep a small reserve of ink, around 100-200 BF's and 100 of the more useful inks.

      this makes milling and purchasing herbs a 1x a week process, i mill and keep 100 of each useful ink, post 40 of each ink on the AH and use the others for crafting ir as a reserve for crafting when the inks run low.

      normally, i don't sell a lot of the inks, but it keeps items out of the bags which slows down the whole process. i keep stacks of 40/60/80/100 inks with Merchant Pro, which swaps blackfallow ink automatically to keep those reserves and buys parchments as well as dust/enchant mats/alchemy vials, etc.

      posting glyphs is time consuming.

      the main issue with one scribe posting and crafting is the mail system.
      posting 3 of each glyph, then takes 40+ minutes to clear 1000 glyphs from the mail system. it really is that slow.

      you can avoid this by

      a) simply keeping stacks of 10-20 glyphs in the bank, and moving items in and out of the mailbox-> bags, by using your bank as a reserve.

      this way, if glyphs expire, you have no "rush" to clear mailbox/bags, and you can use locations with closer mail/bank access, like pets, jeeves, guild bank access, etc.

      hving a bank as a reserve, to keep 20x of each glyph is great if you have alts. for this, you need to have 12-15 endless pockets to handle a reserve of 350 glyphs + bag space.
      you also need to be in a position where you can move from bank to AH, and from mail to bank, holding 200 glyphs at a time, or more in your bags.

      once you get the hang of moving/warehousing from a bank to the AH, and putting the remainder back in the bank, you can move to using AH mules and reserves. which can be amusing, if akward when your alt makes more money than you.

      b) as a solo craft/re-poster, running cancel scans every 6/12/24 hours which on my server, returns about 500 glyphs at a time, about half of what i post (due to competition)

      using cancels to stay on top of the market, 1/5 to 1/4 of glyphs will never go anywhere, those can be reposted/vendored/banked after the 48 hours expires, you just spend 1 hr every day waiting for the mail to return glyphs to you in a roundabout fashion. i estimate i lose about 100-200g per day in reposting if i'm cancelling due to undercutting, which is ideally what i'd get from a single glyph sale.

      here's what i've learned as a solo glyph poster:

      1x of each approach is addictive. it feels awesome to cover the spread and not miss an opportunity. but when you do sell, you can feel pressured into crafting replacements all the time. ALL the time, like 3am in the morning. etc.

      the opposite reasons apply as above, if you only craft the 100 most profitable, or the glyph mastery versions, etc.
      you can sometimes feel like you're missing out sometimes when people say they make 5000g a day in glyphs.

      those same people often don't mention they have 900k in glyphs being posted or spend 15-30 hours on auction cancelling and mats purchasing/preparation per week and logging back into multiple alts every few hours to swap the mail content between alts.

      i've avoided reset scans unless i don't mind wasting 10k to reset the market. i now vendor the glyphs purchased via resets,

      the danger of a reset is that it throws off people's sales indicators, and after 2 years, most glyphs that are dead weight, will always be dead weight.
      until they add an achievement, delete the ItemID's, or change the profession, those 35s to 35g glyps can never be sold.

  5. what about reset masrket buying cheaps and reselling?

    maybe it should be better to short the market than flood it with more glyphs of badness.

    1. from above post,

      i've avoided reset scans unless i don't mind wasting 10k to reset the market. i now vendor the glyphs purchased via resets, as there's no reason to hold onto them.

      the danger of a reset is that it throws off people's sales indicators, and after 2 years, most glyphs that are dead weight, will always be dead weight.

      until they add an achievement, delete the ItemID's, or change the profession, those 35s to 35g glyps can never be sold.

      shorting the market, is short-sighted. if and when something happens, like blizzard hires an intelligent person to run professions for MoP (doubtful),

      then the market will not bounce, but hemorrhage from 40s to 4000g, back to 40s, as people will have placed limiters on those posts in their non-TSM addons, and the market won't really cope if there's something like the JC dailies to restrict glyph patterns, or a level 89/hard-mode accessible glyph vendor, etc.

      leaving them intentionally high, i.e. 500g, creates curious interest from people who then think it's valuable. the problem is then convincing other scribes to keep the ruse going.

  6. hey
    what settings do you use for TSM?

    and do you craft the inks or do you buy them all with the black ink?

    a guide for setting up TSM would b great (;


    1. I mill and craft all my ink. If the low level herbs are cheaper I buy them, but trade a lot of inks down as well.

      All of my TSM set up tutorials can be found here:

  7. First off thanx for this guide, I decided to make a cross faction scribe cause the alliance side on my server is prety small and almost no competition. This of course means slow glyphs sells but at least theres a profit whilst making tons of gold on my horde char.

    Having said that, and after watching your guide I do have a small question. Just need to explain the situation of my toons first and then I would love to hear any comments or suggestions.

    My alliance toon is a newly trained scribe with about 40 only non-trainer glyphs learned and thats ok for now, I dont want to make another scribe to keep the glyphs split I prefer the one. I mailny send him BF inks from my main scribe on horde side so he doesnt even need to mill or craft any inks he just trades inks and crafts glyphs. I do have 4x36slotters and they are fine for now but when my glyph range increases I will need the extra 7 for sure.

    Now here is the problem, when i want to actually craft the glyphs TSM doesnt seem to distinguish whether i want all the glyphs to be crafted in the queue or just the ones im carrying on the currest Scribe bags and if it cant do that i end up crafting glyphs that cant be stacked in the bags i carry at that point.

    So the end problem is having to check the glyphs one by one to see if im carrying that specific stack on me at that point. I bet im missing something cause i doubt that this is an efficient way of doing it.

  8. Ok, first off thank you for the guide it was very logical use of bank and bags. Let me explain my situation though i could use some suggestions or comments.

    I run a newly leveled scribe on the opposite faction on my server, i provide him with all the BF inks from my main faction scribe so he barely does much, he barely does much just trade inks/buy parchments/craft and post pretty much.

    But, atm i only need 4x26 Slotter bags and its enough. What happens when i will have more than 4 and i would have to use the bags in the bank? How will TSM know which glyphs to craft that are currently on my equiped bags and not on the ones in the bank?

  9. Thank you for your effort on the TSM videos. One request...I beg of you please stop spinning. :D