Monday, July 9, 2012

Glyphs: A Collection of MoP Resources

One of the most common questions I get lately is about glyphs and what will become of them in Mists of Pandaria.  There are a lot of rumors and uncertainty in the air right now and it's got a lot of scribes feeling a bit lost when they determine what they should be doing now.  So let's take a real look at the different routes to take while we gear up for Mists of Pandaria.

Stocking Glyphs
A lot of the speculation I've seen has stemmed from what we saw in the Wrath of the Lich King => Cataclysm change over. Most of the players who are worried about pre-crafting glyphs are worried because a large portion of glyphs in Cataclysm became charred and worthless. Fearing their entire stock might be rendered valueless some scribes are hesitant to craft glyphs.

Worry not, friends. I'd been privy to a few rudimentary lists colleagues had made early on but nothing that I felt comfortable sharing as it was neither public nor my work. However a very useful (and easy on the eyes) list has been created by Ravanys and posted at the Consortium.

Inscriptionist (I didn't choose the name!) showcases the side-by-side comparisons of Cataclysm glyphs and their Mists of Pandaria counterparts.  It's important to remember that Mists of Pandaria is still in beta and anything is subject to change. However I feel that this listing goes a long way towards realizing just how little stock will likely be impacted by the glyph changes in the upcoming expansion.

Armed with great resources like the above link I think it is not a bad idea to pre-craft most of your glyphs; I know I will be. The last thing I want to spend the first week of a brand new expansion doing is crafting a huge mountain of glyphs!

Stocking Inks
I plan on having a moderate stock of inks but most of my glyphs will be pre-crafted. But what inks to stockpile? Once again the Consortium and the wonderful folks who frequent the forums shine out. Meyer's done the math for us, giving a great breakdown of the ink distribution that a player stocking inks will want to follow.

Once again, beta's subject to change yadda yadda yadda. However this is a good general ratio to follow when stockpiling ink.

What will Faid do?
As I've stated previously I intend to have most of my glyphs pre-crafted long before the expansion arrives. Regardless of anything else the amount of time I save in the first weeks of the patch will be invaluable; working on new professions and new content will be a far more valuable use of that time than crafting a bunch of glyphs I could have had taken care of beforehand.

Odds are Mists of Pandaria herbs will stay fairly high for quite a while. This fact, combined with the fact that we will no longer be able to trade Blackfallow ink, means that I'll need enough stock on hand to keep from needing to restock from the AH for some time. Because of this I will likely have a few tabs of ink backed up as well to cover any hot selling glyphs that I may need to recraft before prices level out.

What should you do?
Your situation is probably different than mine. I've tailored my battle plan to how I know I will act both before and after the expansion is released. Unsure what plan will work for you? Check out Kathroman's excellent post. I believe he hit on most of the main points for scribes to keep in mind and laid out a simple, profitable plan for anyone unsure of what to do going forward.  Good luck in glyphs!


  1. Any idea if Book of Glyph Mastery will still teach glyph or will they all be learned through the daily?

  2. All new ones learned thru making the daily scroll of wisdom.

  3. Those links look familiar :)

    I thought I'd post a follow up on the conversation I was having (in totally the wrong thread ofc) with Meyer at the Consortium Forums. I paraphrased his intent with the ink ratios above a little too hard, but he added some excellent information about the other factors for ratios for stockpiling.

    Regardless of what exact ratios you decide on though, Kathroman's advice should bear out:

    NOTE: if you have enough ink stockpiled, specific ink distribution will be negligible. IE. You shouldn't run out of any ink until you can afford to restock them at whatever your ink buying price was in the first place.

    I'm also in the pre-crafting glyphs camp Faid. I've finally decided that even if up to 50 glyphs became faded, the opportunity cost of sitting around crafting glyphs instead of experiencing the new expansion is far, far greater than the coin value of up to 1000 faded glyphs (particularly if stockpiling the other 300 pays off).

  4. As the creator I should probably mention that, inscriptionist is a few builds outdated - I met a problem updating and decided to redesign the entire thing but I'll fix it for the meanwhile.