Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ultimate Recipe Collections get more Ultimate!

Today I'm releasing the first update for the Ultimate Vendor Recipe Collections.  I'm really happy with how the update's turned out and I think you all will be too.

What are the Ultimate Vendor Recipe Collections?

They're two guides, one for Horde folks and one for Alliance. They will lay out for you every vendor recipe in the game that is available to your faction. They highlight faction-specific recipes (great arbitrage candidates!) and everything is arranged geographically so it is easy to move from vendor to vendor, something I've yet to see with any other guide or resource out there.

But wait, there's more!

What's new in the updated versions?
Thanks to suggestions from purchasers of the first versions I've added in a few more useful features. 

  • I've rearranged the list; instead of a strict North-to-South I've outlined an actual route for you to follow which should cut down on massive amounts of zigzagging.
  • I've included maps with the routes I use outlined on them to help you get an idea of where to go next.
  • I've included TomTom waypoints for every single vendor as well as a guide for how to use TomTom with these collections.
  • I've included information on whether or not any recipe is Limited Quantity.
Sidenote: In my update announcement I stated that there would be TSM Auctioning lists. When I went to add them I found out it's not possible to make Auctioning groups just with Item IDs. Sapu has stated he's working on it and I will add them in as soon as I am able.

Holy crap, where do I get my hands on these awesome works of art and support Faid in the process?

I already purchased a previous version. Where's my free update?
If you've purchased a previous version simply send me an e-mail from the same address you'd used to purchase your collection and I will send out an updated version shortly.

I really want to get into vendor recipes but can't/won't spend the money on a guide.
I get that. For what it's worth it's only three bucks and it helps me out a lot, but I totally feel ya on this one.  If you're just interested in getting a bare-bones sort of set up you can try the RecipeProfit plugin for GatherMate2. It's free and highlights many profitable recipes.

But Faid, if it's free why would I buy a guide? Well, you get what you pay for. RecipeProfit is decent for getting started but the dozens and dozens of incorrect, misplaced, or altogether missing vendors that I ran into were startling. It'll be alright for picking up a recipe here or there but if you want a more complete experience (and if you want to sell the recipes your competitors using RecipeProfit know nothing about!) I urge you to check your couch cushions for a few bucks in change.

If you have any questions check out the Store FAQ. If you still have questions feel free to ask!


  1. Awesome work, Faid!

    I had already bought the old version in the past, but I just went ahead and paid the full price again because I think your work deserves it. :D

    I love your blog and your podcast... keep up the good work!

  2. Like Maddy, I'm already a proud owner of the older versions, and I'll also be ponying up another $6 for your work. I'm proud to support what youi're doing. Keep it up.

    (Doring/Bidda - Misha US)

  3. I bought my duo pack today. Thanks Faid!

  4. Hey Faid [waves] I wanted your opinion on the plugin for Gathermate 2- RecipeGather; have you heard of/used this addon?

    1. Could you link me the plugin? The only plugin I know of for recipes and GatherMate is Recipe Profit.

    2. I saw it at the bottom of a post on TheGoldGueen, I was just wondering if you had ever used it. Upon searching for it I saw it referenced over a dozen times on the Undermine Journal but I have never seen it mentioned there personally. None of the links work for me here in Afghanistan.

    3. After you first asked about it I did some googling as well and haven't found anything on Curse, WoWInterface, etc. that is different from RecipeProfit. I'm thinking that perhaps people are misidentifying RecipeProfit as RecipeGather or something of the sort. If I'm wrong and someone can provide me with a place I can find RecipeGather I'll take a look, but so far I've been unable to find any recipe-centric Gathermate plugin besides RecipeProfit, which I addressed in this blog post. :)

    4. Word. I started a Goblin on AD (lvl 25) and for the areas I was able to get to your guide and TomTom coords were absolutely OCD correct. I even did the rez run to Winterspring so I can get those recipes. I have made 1,000 gold since I bought your guide two days ago. F#&k that plugin- this guide is worth it for sure. thanks again!

  5. Thanks for all your efforts.

    I just tried to support and got stuck at gumroad on FF/win. I am at a screen with the rainbow bar at the top and the blue button "processing..." and what looks like a progress bar underneath that is not moving after several minutes.

    I'll hope to remember to try again in a week or two to see if things go better.

    1. I'm sorry for the slow reply, it looks like your comment was caught in Blogger's spam filter for some reason. If you are still having issues please email me and I'll help you out ASAP. :)

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