Thursday, August 30, 2012

Auction House Sorting: A Whole New Game

Now that people have driven Warbot Ignition Keys into the ground all for their sweet, sweet, 25g profit I've turned my attention to the more interesting thing that came up from the patch.

Some sellers, particularly in glyphs, may have noticed they were getting some strange sales. Even if there were countless glyphs cheaper than yours people would sometimes buy your higher priced one. Why?

Blizzard messed up their Auction House sorting with the patch and right now, contrary to what players have known for their entire WoW-lives, the auction house is sorting the most expensive items first. Now, this all goes out the window if you use Auctioneer or another AH addon but for those using the default UI they are seeing the most expensive items first.

Most players will then see an expensive item and shop around, go to the next page, and find the cheaper auctions. But not all of them.

After I noticed this strange sorting bug I changed the way I posted my glyphs. Currently on each faction I have a wall ten deep of each glyph for 500g. This ensures that my glyphs are at the top of the list and that 500g is all they see if they don't go scrolling or page-flipping.

In the meantime on another character I'm moving in with two of each glyph at my normal threshold/fallback. This way I'm selling to both the lazy buyers who buy the top of the list and to those who shop around and buy the cheaper selection.

I don't sell many at the high prices, I've probably sold about 45 glyphs this way. But 45 glyphs at 500g/glyph is a pretty substantial thing when you think about it and by selling at my normal settings on another character there's no missed revenue.

I'm sure eventually the masses will catch on to the sorting bug but until then I'll be happy to sell them 30g glyphs for 500g.


  1. Things like this is why I love the gold blogs. I thought everything was reversed, but assumed I was just wrong instead of acting on it.

    I'm sick of reposting glyphs on my dying server with 3 active competitors that camp, so I'm going to try this method and forget about glyphs for a night or two. Thanks.

  2. Did you also notice the known issue of still being able to trade Blackfallow Inks (even though the vendor icons look like they only take the Mists equivalent ink). I haven't tested it in game yet though as still at work.

  3. Using the default AH UI, I kept thinking "so this is how the other half lives"; it was horrible.

    I also think sometimes it sorts by bid not buyout so a low bid price got me more visibility.

  4. I'm selling on Stormrage which is a high population and has many people selling glyphs. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd get competition at the high wall or 'reset' price.
    A gnome named Kassyl maintains the low wall price of 20 gold for glyphs and the competition is cutthroat down to 1 silver.

    On Monday night, I made glyphs and posted them for 650 gold. It didn't matter to me that my glyphs might not sell. What mattered was 'future' prices and setting up some auction house history.

    I could not understand why my glyphs were selling so well.
    Who would pay 650 gold for a glyph you could buy for 10 gold?
    Then someone started competing with me at the high wall price
    and the fun was on...

    I began buying low priced glyphs and reposting them at the high wall price of 650 each and put bids on many glyphs with
    a 1 silver bid price.

    I've been winning the new monk glyphs this way mostly. I'm not making or selling Monk glyphs at all, so I'll store the purchased glyphs and wait for MOP.

    When Blizzard fixes the auction house bug, I'll compete for the 20 gold sales with glyphs I bought from the ah.

  5. The over cutting strategy is working well in the nw bag market where it's easy to crowd the others off the top page.

  6. WoW, I feel like an idiot now. I totally realized the sorting problem right away after the patch. Some of the markets I'm in are super cut-throat so I've been posting items at higher rates closer to where they should be. Some of them have been selling and I can't believe I didn't realize why and take better advantage of it. Live n Learn....