Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Six Thousand Gold Vendor Pet

This has been posted about on the Consortium forums but I thought I'd bring it to the blog since it's been so freaking lucrative and, well, I can't pass up an opportunity talk about reselling vendor items!

Years ago Mountain Dew and Blizzard had a promotion for Game Fuel. If you registered you'd get a little Warbot in-game pet and if you bought Game Fuel you could get fuel for your Warbot and make it fight with other players' bots.

Thanks to the patch new players or those who just missed the pet during the promotion can now purchase one from one of the toy vendors:

The Warbot Ignition Key will run you 350g after all applicable discounts. You can also buy the fuel for under a gold for a stack of five which is great for those of us who got the pet but never could stomach that terrible soda!  

Here's the fun bit: The pet isn't BoP.  You can sell it on the Auction House. Now, it is Unique, so you can only have one in your bags at a time but with multiple runs between the toy vendor and your preferred destination you can have several on the AH and can also store them in the mail or guild bank!

So just how much are these pets worth? I've sold a few for six thousand gold so far! You may even be able to run yours higher though the competition will be setting in once this gets out. Get some high sales fast!


  1. Shoulda just read my twitter Faid! =) You would have had a whole extra night of sales.


  2. The AH fee is 18 gold for 12 hours, and if your server is like mine, you'll be undercut like mad. Something to keep in mind.

  3. On my server the price is seemingly get at just 800g :( very disappointing