Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Working BEST as a Team!

Today's been a great day so far. I'm sure you all came here for gold making info but sorry, I have to talk about how awesome my guild is. 

I'm a member of Legacy of the Illuminati, a friends and family guild that I adore. We've got a large number of achievement-driven players in our ranks and so our eyes were turned to Server Firsts when Mists officially launched.

And holy cow, the guild did amazing! Of the fifteen professions in the game Legacy of the Illuminati members hold ten profession server firsts. Here's our list:

Alchemy - Teneniel
Blacksmithing - Faid
Cooking - Rivelle
Enchanting - Daniora
Engineering - Faid
Herbalism - Teneniel
Jewelcrafting - Kerithar
Leatherworking - Eluniar
Skinning - Rivelle
Tailoring - Lawlstone

Congratualations to everyone! But wait, that's not all! Thanks to Yamka, Daniora, Nelani, Miacoda, and myself we finished up our last few achievements and snagged Realm First! Working Better As a Team!

And so while I have a lot to say about gold and about my own two server firsts I just want to finish up this night (yes, finish the night at eight in the morning) by saying that my guild is totally awesome.

If you'd like to see it the first bit of the night (and by bit I mean three hours) it's all available to watch here.


  1. The level of organisation in this must have been immense. Congrats to you all. :)

  2. That is so awesome! Sounds like a great guild to be a part of....sigh. (Wishing....)...lol! Anyway, congratz to you all! Great job!