Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Enchanting Conversions - It's like printing money.

The status quo for enchanting has been pretty constant for many years. There's dust. There's essence, usually three lessers equating to one greater. There are rare shards which may or may not have a lesser version and there is an epic crystal. That's what we've had for a very long time. Dust is dust, essence are essence, shards are shards, right?

Not anymore.  Mists of Pandaria brought a fundamental change to the way enchanting materials work. Dust is no longer just dust, that dust can be traded up the chain all the way to a Sha Crystal if you have the desire. Likewise a Sha Crystal can be traded down the line all the way into dust.

This change hasn't sunk in with many enchanters, though, and my server's rife with gold-making opportunities because of it.

If I buy Spirit Dust right now it will cost me 5g90s to craft one Mysterious Essence which I can turn around and sell for 21g, essentially quadrupling my gold with a single craft.

When trading up:
   5 Spirit Dust = 1 Mysterious Essence
   5 Mysterious Essence = 1 Ethereal Shard
   5 Ethereal Shard = 1 Sha Crystal (1 Day CD)

When trading down:
   1 Sha Crystal = 2 Ethereal Shards
   1 Ethereal Shard = 3 Mysterious Essence
   1 Mysterious Essence = 3 Spirit Dust

Keep this in mind for selling mats at their most valuable stage and to be sure you pay the least for your crafting materials!


  1. Exactly. I covered this briefly in my profession round-up yesterday. Also, remember that even if there isn't enough price discrepancy to make shuffling it available, it can still get you cheaper mats most of the time.

  2. What addon are you using for side-by-side comparisons? I also have a TSM question related to this, which you might be able to answer. When using TSM_Crafting, is there a way to have it check if it's cheaper to go up or down the chain for mats?

    1. I don't have side by side comparisons' that's two screenshots of Auctionator I cropped together for the blog post. :)

      You should be able to use TSM_Destroying's conversion mode but TBH I've not checked so I'm not sure if it's built in yet.

    2. For those wondering, i have developed an addon for doing this conversion using TSM min buyout prices.

  3. I just don't see enchanting mats moving at all. Enchanting just isn't selling in the release compared to others.

  4. I don't use this to sell enchant mats, but rather to figure out the cheapest way to get the mats you need to make your own enchants. I'm attempting to make a spread sheet that'll let me plug the current enchants in and tell me what I should buy. Should be helpful