Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spirits of Harmony - Determining Value

The most common question I've been asked on my server is what the value of a Spirit of Harmony is. Some people want to know how much to offer, the others want to know how much to sell theirs for. It's a question many people are starting to ask now that eyes have turned on professions and gearing up.

The short answer that I give them:  "I don't know."  But let's get into the long answer too.

Right now Spirit of Harmony is a Bind on Pickup crafting item.  When looking at the value of a Spirit of Harmony you have to think about the way the seller values the Spirit.  This is affected by a few different factors:

  1. What professions does the seller have to use it with?
    Faid is a Blacksmith/Engineer while, for example, my friend Altrien is a Miner/Engineer.  This means that he can only spend his SoH on Engineering while I have a choice to instead spend them on Blacksmithing.

    Blacksmithing has many recipes to buy with Spirits of Harmony while Engineering doesn't require any for the purchase of recipes. This means that Altrien can immediately start funneling his Spirits of Harmony into crafted items to sell while, despite having Engineering as well, my next twenty six Spirits are earmarked for buying Blacksmithing patterns.  Because of this you'll have much better luck asking someone like Altrien to make that scope instead of someone like me.

    Beyond buying patterns it also comes down to usefulness. Not all Spirit of Harmony uses are created equal. Let's look at the Long Range Trillium Sniper which, due to its scope requirement, essentially costs two Spirits of Harmony.  If I do not spend these two Spirits then this gun does not come into existence, I cannot make and sell this gun without these Spirits.

    Compare that to an Alchemist/Herbalist with Spirits of Harmony. They have only one use at this point, using three Spirits to create an extra Living Steel that's not on the daily cooldown.  In the Engineering example it's a question of "Do you want a gun or not?" while in the Alchemist situation it's "Do you want that today or do you want it tomorrow?" Because Alchemists and Tailors don't actually make anything new with their Spirits, only create something they can already make, sans cooldown, professions like Alchemy and Tailoring will likely see less value in their Spirits of Harmony.

  2. How hard is it for the seller to farm Spirits?
    A level 86 Disc/Holy priest will find it much more difficult to farm Spirits of Harmony than a level 90 Fury Warrior. Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest a better drop rate of Spirits from higher level mobs (because of this I'm working on a new SoH farming video for level 90 players, stay tuned!) and the faster a player can kill mobs the more Spirits they get.

    That priest may look at ever Spirit as a sacred crafting ingredient as they might see only one a week while the Warrior can farm several in a single play session and so the priest will probably value their Spirits much more.

  3. What is the going rate of Golden Lotus on your server?
    I've seen a lot of players on my server falling for this one. (Also, it's a gold tip I suppose!) For one Spirit of Harmony you can buy three Golden Lotus by visiting Danky for Horde or Krystel for Alliance.

    This means that the floor price for Spirits of Harmony should be three times the value of a Golden Lotus. I've seen people in Trade offering 300g per Spirit of Harmony. They bring you to the vendor, tell you to buy the Lotus and then they pay you 300g for the 3 Lotus which, on my server, they then put on the AH for 300g a piece, tripling their gold off of your Spirit.  

At the end of the day some people will be selling theirs for dirt cheap (because there's always that guy who thinks he farmed it so it's free) and there are people who won't be convinced to part with their Spirits at any price but until Blizzard shows mercy and makes these Spirits non-soulbound these are some important things to consider when trying to place a value on Spirits of Harmony.

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  1. Any chance that you could give some location advise on where to farm the motes?