Saturday, October 6, 2012

TradeSkillMaster Guides - Updated for MoP

It's been a busy few days for me but it's done! A lot of people were requesting an updated TradeSkillMaster guide series using the new interface. Between that, the new features (Quick Posting <3 ) and the fact it would give me a chance to make them easier on the ears I decided it was time to update the guides.

So here they are!  You'll notice the "Advanced Tactics" video is just the first, implying there may be more. If you have something you want to learn more in-depth in TSM feel free to ask; it may be in a future Advanced Tactics guide.

Auctioning and Group Creation

Crafting, Shopping, and Dealfinding

Mailing and Destroying

Advanced Tactics #1


  1. Thank you for this, Faid! My guildies are always asking me for help with TSM, it'll be nice to have one easy place to send them. =)

  2. Question- Is there a difference between AuctionDB and Wowuction? Are there reasons to chose one over the other?

    1. Essentially you want to use what you will be more likely to keep up to date. I know there are apps and such to pull automatically from wowuction, UndermineJournal, or to scan AuctionDB automatically so it's mostly preference at that point. I like AuctionDB mostly because I've just been using it for so long.

  3. Thanks for updating the videos! I watched your old TSM videos a while ago and have been using TSM with the knowledge from those, but these updated videos were great both with some new tidbits and as a refresher.

    I really recommend the TSM application by the way. I've been running it with the Wowuction module and AuctionDB (using Wowuction as the main pricing and AuctionDB as a secondary source), although I've actually disabled AuctionDB since yesterday as running both is such a memory hog!! Anyway, it is great because it's just 'set and forget'. I have the app load when Windows starts so I don't even have to remember about it and I know I will always have fresh and reliable pricing data (especially useful if you're using '% of market price' settings in the crafting and auctioning modules).

  4. Thank you so much! Your videos are the gold standard for learning TSM.

    1) I doubt you have the time for a video, but could you comment on how to convert to MoP with TSM. I had a functioning TSM in cata, but how do I (did you) update to MoP? Or should I just wipe it and start over?

    2) How do you handle MoP in TSM? E.g., I don't need to craft a bold PR, I need to craft many bold PG until I get a proc? Or is JC crafting manual atm?

    P.S. love the podcast. If you need a question for it: "I've been playing since TBC, what do I need to unlearn for the new world order of MoP?" Other than the obvious which is that Spirits of Harmony are the worst invention in the history of mankind. :-)

  5. Very good videos, Thank you for making them :)

  6. Thanks for these great videos Faid! I was planning to do a few guides for my blog (shamless plug) but these covered pretty much all you need to get started I linked here.