Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fast & Easy Battle Pet Leveling

Looking for a way to make your pets for sale stand out from the competitors? Or maybe you just like pet battles as much as I do. Regardless, leveling pets is a really fun pastime and now you can even farm Flawless Battle-Stones while doing it. (Warning: Currently they're bugged and may disappear on logging out; put them on the AH or use them before logging out!)

Either way, here's a great way to get some fast and easy levels on your battle pets, I hope you guys enjoy it.


  1. Great video Faid! I was doing some of the same things(although this is a little more streamlined than i thought of), but i wanted to let you know you can do this with trainers too on the daily quests to beat them, and it gives similar, if not a slight bit more xp with the recent 5.1 boost.


  2. Yea this is a very nice and clear guide :), but I would definitely go a step further and train on master pet battlers like james said above, I managed to get a level 25 die and my level 1 finish off the last pet of this trainer. He got 5k exp from the win, str8 to level 12

  3. Great vid Faid and very glad to see you back and posting!

  4. Thanks for the great video! I've been leveling pets using this technique. I use a Darkmoon Zeppeling as my lvl25 support pet, but any pet with Explode is sure to give all the experience to the surviving pets.

    When I decide to fight tamers instead of wild pets, I usually go for Farmer Nishi because Siren (her sunflower pet) rarely attacks. If you use a pet that also damages pets on the back row, you can defeat her before she even summons the other two pets.