Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 1 - The Beginning - 20 Days of Gold Making

I saw Nev's 20 Days of Gold Making post a few days ago and it really seemed like something fun to do; an excuse to talk about some of my gold-making strategies and ideas that may not come up in your average Q&A or post.  Be sure to check out her original post for a list of the questions you can look forward to me answering here, and check back if the subjects interest you!

For now, let's start with Day 1, the logical place to begin.

You know you've been around a
long time if you remember this is
what Liquidate used to look like!
Day 1 - When did you start gold making & what triggered it?

I began making gold about two months before patch 4.0.1 at the end of Wrath of the Lich King. I'd never really heard of gold blogs or anything of the like; I didn't even know there were players who considered "gold making" an activity. I just thought everyone had a few thousand gold, like me.

I used to hang out on a LiveJournal WoW community (go ahead and laugh, I accept my LJ days) and one of the posters made a post celebrating hitting gold cap, which at the time was 214k. I was floored. I asked her how she'd made so much and she told me she'd made everything with glyphs. "Teach me!"  I didn't really care about being mega-rich, I just thought this mini-game of sorts sounded interesting.

I had a scribe since I'd been making  my own Insane in the Membrane rep cards but I'd never even thought of glyphs as a money-maker. She told me I should use an addon called QuickAuctions3 to help sell. I downloaded it and was so confused. I asked her to teach me and she linked me to Stokpile's QA3 Guide. (Folks who have only known TSM go ahead and check it out, you'll be thankful for TSM!)

I was able to set up QA3 and began selling glyphs. I would often turn a 1-3g profit on any given glyph sale; I really didn't have a handle on "time is money" and felt like I was doing great! As someone who had never really looked for profit I thought this is what it meant to make gold.  

With my penny here-penny there glyph sales followed by a very successful Glyphmas I was able to hit the 214k gold cap right before it was raised; a huge accomplishment for me!

Stokpile's blogroll introduced me to countless other gold blogs and the gold-making community as a whole. I found it so fascinating I began my own blog and that has kept me in the gold-making game ever since.

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  1. Ah yes, QA3 and glyphs. Those were the days. I'm still a glypher and always will be, but it's not the same when "everyone else" does it now.