Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 2 - Gold Making Goal Making

There's no rule saying it has to be consecutive days!  This post is part of 20 Days of Gold-Making from Nev's gold blog. Be sure to check it out and read posts from the other participants as well to get lots of different angles of gold making thoughts.

Day 2 - If you set yourself a goal, what was your goal & at what point did you set it?

I didn't originally have a real goal, at least not a quantifiable one.  Discovering the gold making community it was like I learned of a vast subculture I'd never known, people who had been operating all along, selling me my gems and enchants, and I'd never even noticed that just a few people drove so much of my server's economy. I didn't really care how much I made; I had no real item I wanted to buy or anything, I just wanted to experience it.

I also just never thought I'd make a lot of gold. Since I started out posting glyphs at just a few gold profit, if that, I knew I'd never reach the hundred thousand gold mark, but even having 50k was amazing to me, as I'd barely scraped together enough for a Chopper and never gone beyond that.

As blogging became a bigger drive to my gold making it changed a bit. While it's not really a sensical thing to do there are folks who judge the value of a blogger's advice on how much gold they have.  If Mr. Moneybags gives a tip there are those who will think, because clearly he has so much, his tips are more worth following than Mr. Just Started.

You don't see it so much anymore, or maybe I just don't notice it since I'm no longer self-conscious about having a barren bank account, but there have been people who have flat out said that if someone isn't gold capped their advice isn't worth listening to, which I certainly disagree with.

It was these sorts of attitudes I saw as I began to blog and eventually I wanted to have a lot of gold; not for myself or to buy anything but just to be taken more seriously as a gold-maker. I set my eyes on the gold cap of 214k and went for it. Then once gold cap was raised of course I needed to hit the new gold cap. Now I'm going for two million. I have two million across both factions but, as regular readers know, I don't really count my Horde gold into my total wealth, so still a bit to go for "real" double gold cap in my eyes.

I'm not sure if it will ever be "enough," even if I own every piece of copper on the server. There's always gold to be made and you never know when that new gold sink is just over the horizon. At the end of the day I still am doing it for the same reason I always was; not to hit any arbitrary goal but to learn and enjoy the practice of gold-making.


  1. "...not to hit any arbitrary goal but to learn and enjoy the practice of gold-making."

    I recently started a "more consious approach" to gold making. No real arbitrary goals in mind, seeking only a 'comfortable' amount, lol.
    I wholly agree with the learning how to do it. It's like another aspect of the game I hope to become reasonably good at.

  2. Hey Faid, good post! I like reading these 20 days of gold making so much I started my own!