Saturday, January 12, 2013

Where has Faid gone?

You'll notice I haven't been very vocal on the blog, Twitter, etc. since before Christmas. Well, now that the dust has settled I may as well tell you why.

I quit raiding. A few days before Christmas some issues I'd been having with raiding finally became too much for me and I decided to quit. It was a big deal for me; I know some people will roll their eyes but I literally did cry myself to sleep that night. Outside of if the raid content is good or bad I've enjoyed raiding because of my raid group.  I've raided with them since the release of ICC and have had the opportunity to meet a few of them in real life. Hell, I've been raiding with them for as long as I've known my boyfriend and it's always been one  of our "together" activities.

I think in the long run it will be a step in the right direction; I've already made great improvements to my life (our apartment's the cleanest it's been in ages!) and I enjoy not feeling tied to my computer on raid nights. I think it will be a good move in the long run but the tremendous change has left me a bit ho-hum about WoW.

I'm not quitting WoW, nor am I quitting gold-making. No longer feeling like I'm playing to raid I've been able to focus on gold even more; I've finished getting every Spirit of Harmony pattern for every profession and am averaging 27k net profit a day. I hit two million liquid gold for the first time a few days ago as well.

I look forward to continuing to put out gold-making content; I just felt that quitting raiding was too big of an event in my "WoW career" to not warrant some mention.

I hope everyone had amazing holidays, now let's get back to making some major gold. :)

Also, if you have any gold making questions for the LiteCast please feel free to submit them, I'm going to be making the new episode in the next few days.


  1. Good for you Faid. Ive followed you for many moons and always wondered how people who dedicate so much time to wow, find time to keep the other side of the scale from tipping too drastically.

    Ever since re entering school a year or so ago (im 35) ive found that happy median in gold making, leveling alts and pvping. Since having my daughter, ive really slowed down.

    I wish you the best in your endeavors, you are a bright individual with a strong business sense. If you can balance both and apply your sucess in wow to rl, youll be unstoppable.


  2. Welcome to my non-raiding world Faid, pull up a chair and enjoy the freedom :D

    p.s We need a catchup sometime

  3. I'm sorry to hear that the circumstances leading to you quitting were so upsetting /cuddle.

    Going from a progressive raider to stopping raiding all together is a radical change when it's something You've done for so long. It'll sure take some getting used to. Like you though, I now enjoy not feeling as though I HAVE to be by my computer by a certain time on certain days.

    Enjoy your rest and I hope you have fun getting into other aspects of the game and real life that have maybe been taking a back seat to raiding.

  4. I know exactly how you feel and what you have been going through. I too stepped down from raiding this tier. At first it was hard to let go. I still enjoy raiding, after all. It is a real shift in thinking to go from pushing heroic content to realizing that LFR is now endgame. But the freedom of my time both in game and out has been well-worth it. Best wishes to you.

  5. Burnout is becoming more and more common with the more dedicated playerbase now MoP has been out for about 6 months.

    The daily grind and sudden rush of raid content, combined with MoP being the most 'unfriendly' alt expansion to date has literally driven many a dedicated player to the wall in frustration and burnout and it's almost an inevitable fact that people are starting to take a break.

    Blue run a very fine line between giving people something to do constantly in game and burning people out on too much content (and alienating the alt player base).

    With Cata being downright boring for so many months and just the one raid, I think they went the polar opposite in MoP and simply offered too much that most dedicated players (read : completionists and the OCD crowd! lol!) felt they *needed* to grind to progress.

    I've got many WoW friends who were hardcore for the first few months after release and are now fading away (no pun intended) suffering from the burnout you describe above.

    I run with just the one toon now (my main) and only do my PvE cap each week and leave it at that. Keep a finger on the pulse so to speak, without too much time investment. If I didn't scale it back so much, I'd be out of the game now too I think.

  6. I know exactly what you mean, in terms of it being worthy of tears. My Guild Master/Raid Leader decided to leave the game last week. I knew at least 2 or 3 of our 10-man group that would almost certainly leave with him.

    I thought my raid group was going to die, and that was devastating. I'd raided with this group since the beginning of Cata, and I couldn't imagine starting over again. That led to wondering if I'd quit raiding, and if that would mean quitting WoW. I honestly didn't know what I'd do if it came to that, with WoW playing such a big part as both hobby and social outlet.

    Of course, as it turned out, the remains of my group all pulled together. We've transferred to a much more active server and will try recruiting.

    Unfortunately, that also happened to be the server from my latest project, which kind of screwed that all up, now that the gold's all mixed together again.

  7. Good Post Faid!

    I am not a Raider, but an avid PvPer. I can relate with the feelings you express though.

    The longest break I have taken from wow was around 3 months, due to suffering from burn out. Pretty much everyone I played with since vanilla quit during cata... - (Looking for new partners that want the same things you want out of arena is hard. Not to mention the fact that getting some type of schedule to play with them is seemingly more difficult.) I slowly turned to gold making as a way to combat running random bg's as my only avenue of play.

    Soon enough, I stumbled upon your blog and P:WG. I am really enjoying the content so far, not only as a total noob when it comes to goldmaking - but even more so I love the community aspect...something that the PvP community totally lacks.

    I am enjoying MOP so far, the dailies are a tad bit on the crazy side...I have been focusing on only doing a few factions per day to avoid getting in over my head.

    My gold stash is growing everyday and becoming another way I enjoy my time playing. I look forward to more content from you and I will try to ask some more questions for future podcasts!