Monday, February 11, 2013

Maybe the End?

I'll keep this relatively brief since it's not about gold-making. Just an announcement of sorts.

The other night I cancelled both my accounts for World of Warcraft. I still like WoW but with no raid commitment and no real need for more gold I found myself logging on less and less over the past month or so. If I had lots of cash I'd probably still keep it up but with my poor financial situation it's silly to keep paying for a game I rarely play.

Because my accounts were on six month subs and they apparently renewed a few weeks ago I'm still technically around for quite a while, till summer, and maybe things will turn around by then. We'll see. For now, as I'm not really playing WoW, I really don't have much to talk about in the way of gold-making. This site will still be up for as long as I can afford the domain name. 

If you're looking for super-awesome gold making news, tips, and ideas check out The Consortium. I can recommend no other site as highly as I recommend the forums at the Consortium, that is truly where the magic happens and so I hope you all will continue to learn and make boatloads of gold.

I'm hesitant to say "I'm quitting WoW and blogging, bye." I've gone on long WoW breaks before and this may be another one of those. You may want to check back in here every once and a while. Just thought I'd give you a heads up that I may disappear for quite some time.