Monday, February 11, 2013

Maybe the End?

I'll keep this relatively brief since it's not about gold-making. Just an announcement of sorts.

The other night I cancelled both my accounts for World of Warcraft. I still like WoW but with no raid commitment and no real need for more gold I found myself logging on less and less over the past month or so. If I had lots of cash I'd probably still keep it up but with my poor financial situation it's silly to keep paying for a game I rarely play.

Because my accounts were on six month subs and they apparently renewed a few weeks ago I'm still technically around for quite a while, till summer, and maybe things will turn around by then. We'll see. For now, as I'm not really playing WoW, I really don't have much to talk about in the way of gold-making. This site will still be up for as long as I can afford the domain name. 

If you're looking for super-awesome gold making news, tips, and ideas check out The Consortium. I can recommend no other site as highly as I recommend the forums at the Consortium, that is truly where the magic happens and so I hope you all will continue to learn and make boatloads of gold.

I'm hesitant to say "I'm quitting WoW and blogging, bye." I've gone on long WoW breaks before and this may be another one of those. You may want to check back in here every once and a while. Just thought I'd give you a heads up that I may disappear for quite some time.


  1. I will miss your blog, your TSM videos taught me everything I know about TSM and got me into gold making in the first place, I always enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for all the good times

  2. Just started reading your blog and following you casts last month, and I'd like to say thanks and good luck to you in the future. You're definitely onto something here with your blog, and your knowledge with gold making, but you know better than all of us on what's better for your enjoyment with the game, and more importantly, with life.

    Wish you the best, Faid!

  3. Faid, I would love to find some way to convince you to stay, but it would be for pure selfishness!

    You were the one who taught me how to make gold. For that reason alone, I don't want you to leave. I'm sure there's a lot more you can teach me.

    However, as a fan of yours, I wish you the absolute best! If you apply yourself to your next adventure the way you did to WoW, you'll be a success.

    I'll copy Justin here and say, I wish you the best!

  4. Breaks are good (and often very much needed). We'll all be here if/when you pop back up.

    You're a superstar Faid!

  5. In the past month, I've enjoyed and learned so much here.
    As with others, I wish you the very best in whatever paths you travel.
    Thank you!

  6. Breaks are needed at times. It might simply be time to move on. Either way, I wish you the best in everything you do! Thanks for everything you have done for the community. We will miss your blog posts and sweet light-hearted youtube podcasts! You're awesome Faid!!!!

  7. Noooo! I have made 80k in less than a week because of you! Don't go!! =)

  8. Hello Faid,
    Just want to say, I will miss you when you are gone, but totally understand.. Been away from WOW for about 8 months myself and must say it was refreshing to come back into Pandarian now.. Enjoy what you do, and see you back when you are, and if not, thanks for all the advice and help on here! You are a gem!
    Take care,

  9. I know how do you feel,
    I hope it'll be better.

    Life goes on, people too.

    You will incidentally find another group, different persons to share your time with.