Monday, March 11, 2013

5.2 - The Story Thus Far

I didn't intend to come back to WoW so soon and because of that I did absolutely zero preparation for 5.2. When I resubbed and patched my game up I found myself wondering where to go. I knew that the farm would now have work orders, allowing me to finish up some reps I'd been too lazy to grind out and I knew there were new PvP patterns and that's basically it!

Thanks to some folks on Twitter answering my one-off questions and Wowhead's Patch 5.2 Guide I was able to get most things taken care of. I unfortunately missed the ability to get a headstart on the Thunderforge so Blacksmithing and Engineering are taking a back seat until my server's unlocked them. As those are Faid's professions this patch has me in the strange situation of having lots for my alts and pretty much nothing for my main to do, at least at first.

I've been focusing on getting everything restocked; though I'd quit actively playing I had been selling off backstock over the past few months on the account that had some time left so when I came back I was sold out of most hot items and had very little materials to resupply.

The massive need for Prismatic Scales has come as a surprise to me; they were something I'd already always run low on and now I need even more just to do basic research, and there's a lot of that research to be done. 

All in all, other than having to keep tabs of who needs to do research each day and upping the price at which I'm willing to buy a few Pandaria materials, the patch hasn't changed much for me. I think that once I have more of the new patterns learned I'll have to serious rethink my alt selling set up, but for now my gold-making consists of lots of daily cooldowns, Sunsong Ranch farming, and my favorite practice: selling everything I can possibly craft.

Edit: Great news! Novitsh asked me on Twitter why I didn't just use leather instead of scales if I was that low on scales. I'd assumed that the cooldown using leather taught the leather patterns and the cooldown using scales taught the mail, but now that I decided to quit making random assumptions and look it up on Wowhead I've found they both teach both. Excellent! Thanks Novitsh!


  1. You didn't miss anything Faid, that bug was shortlived and will only benefit those people for a few weeks. If you want to make consistent gold this patch, read the other posts I put up! ;)

  2. Im so so glad you came back to WoW we would have really missed you and your killer videos and tips. Im just now starting on the gold making side of WoW as an JC and and Scribe I will be watching your videos daily hoping to learn as much as I can. Thanks for all yu do for us players.