Sunday, March 31, 2013

Liquidate McMoneyBags, IV

This post is part of 20 Days of Gold-Making from Nev's gold blog. Be sure to check it out and read posts from the other participants as well to get lots of different angles of gold making thoughts.

Do you use a banker alt/guild? When did you start doing that & why?

As I discussed in the last post, when I started gold making I started in the most inventory-intensive market there was: Glyphs. I also happened to jump in right as we were preparing for Glyphmas meaning that I needed space for current inventory as well as a glyph stockpile to last through 4.0.1.

Liquidate has been my main bank toon for as long as I've been making gold. It's not the same Liquidate; she's probably been rerolled four or five times when I get sick of her race/class combo, but Liquidate's spirit continues through every reroll. :D

Over time I've added more guilds (Champion, is Totally Not Faid, Your Self Storage, Electronic Alchemists, Lackadaisical) and more characters (Tekelili, Croft, Kickback, Kickstart, Klockworks, Seasons) and they're pretty fluid. Each character has a job, for example Croft currently holds all the Glyphs while Tekelili's the guild master of Electronic Alchemists which holds all my Cataclysm materials. 

I know a lot of people who use bank alts for anonymity but it's never been a real concern for me. The only reason I roll bank alts and bank guilds is the all important reason: Organized storage.

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  1. I started using a bank alt the moment I decided to get serious about goldmaking. It makes sense to let one char handle the mjority of your transactions. Plus, i hate using the mailbox as storage. Anonymity is not a big thing (can people indentify your alts trough your pet collection?) but it does not hurt. I got my first hate rant on trade channel yesterday, it feels good :)