Friday, June 7, 2013

Retiring from WoW & WoW Blogging

Hey folks. I considered just having the blog peter out until it was but a distant memory for the readers but, considering I've had lulls and returned before, I thought it best to make it official so y'all don't have to keep checking in to see if there's a new post.

There won't be. If you're just here for WoW gold that's 100% fine and you're pretty much done with the post (and the blog) now. However, if you'd like to hear my reasons and final thoughts because you're just that bored you can read on.

I've played WoW off and on for a long time and, while it caused me some hardships (my poor decision making in putting WoW above more important things like school) I genuinely have enjoyed my time playing and feel that the people I met in-game and through blogging have truly changed me for the better and taught me many things. But I think it's time for this chapter of my life to come to a close.

I'm still seeing WoW news and from what I've seen it looks like there are some exciting changes coming to the game. I'm not leaving because "WoW's jsut not fun" or "it's not what it used to be." I think WoW is a great game and would recommend it to others. It's just no longer the game for me.

Is there a game for me? I'm doing a bit of casual Neverwinter play/economy adventuring. (I do have an infrequently updated blog for that, for those interested, but it will never be as detailed or frequently updated as this one was.) But for the most part it's just time for me to put gaming in general on the backburner and see it as a way to kill an hour here or there, not a central every-day activity. is still mine for a year or two. I will leave the blog up but once the URL expires you will have to go to to find the posts.

I sincerely thank all of you for being fans of mine these past years. I hope I have helped you or entertained you. Good luck in everything you do, both in and out of game.