Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hello o/


You remember back in the Spring I said I was quitting WoW and that, while I would never say never, I didn't intend to come back? Well, now I remember why I always said "never say never."

I returned to WoW a couple weeks ago and am considering a return to blogging. I wanted to explain the . . . conditions under which I'm returning to both before getting into it, since they're going to change the way the blog is written quite a bit. Then we'll see what happens.

I've been doing so well since this Spring. I'm back in school, I changed my major to something I am passionate about and it's going well,  I'm going to be doing Study Abroad this summer if I can scrounge up the cash to pay for it, I'm teaching myself a second language, I've lost a ridiculous amount of weight (in a good way!) and I'm generally doing great.

The problem came because my schedule is so hectic and busy it's hard to find times to do social things, so when I do find free-time there's often nothing to do. I decided to start playing WoW again over the Christmas holiday to kill time. It's been great to come back. I've come back as a super-casual (did I mention those schedule obligations?) so I'm not really raiding other than flex here and there with my guildies. I'm mostly doing pet battles and achievements and it's been a great semi-social timesink for the times when I'm out of school work to do.

I've been playing the game entirely different from the way I once played and I've had some very interesting adventures. I wanted to blog about them but I remembered my love/hate relationship with blogging. I like writing. No, I love writing. And, as you can probably tell, I like talking about myself.

When I originally started NerfFaids back in the day it was not meant to be educational or to provide a service or help to others; it was meant to be more of a public journal while I learned to make gold. I want to do the journal thing again.

So I might be putting up some WoW posts in the coming time. The majority will probably be gold-flavored (once a gold maker, always a gold maker) but I'm going to return to writing for me, and only for me. If you'd like to keep reading that's great. Now I'm off to class.


  1. I'll probably keep an eye on your blog, glad you're back. "Old version" was in my top 3 favorite gold blogs!

  2. \o/ Welcome back Faid! So glad to hear you are doing well, and was great to see you post on the Consortium as well.

    Look forward to hearing about your new adventures.

  3. I've always enjoyed your writing, and I'm glad you're back!

  4. Was pleasantly surprised to check back in and see you are back! Congratulations on all the positives in your life!