Friday, January 24, 2014

Rebuilding My Empire: The First Hours

At the time I decided to leave WoW I had approximately two million liquid gold and a decent stockpile of materials and crafted items for all professions. Not intending to come back any time soon I decided to do something with that. I sold all of my stock via the Consortium forums and also ended up selling every cage-able pet I had. This brought me up quite a bit and then I got rid of all of my gold as well. By the time my accounts expired I was down to 1,000g and I thought I had no stock remaining. I don't regret getting rid of my gold; gold-making is easy. I do regret getting rid of my pets. I've regained a lot of my favorite ones (I got my new Ethereal Soul-Trader for 10k cheaper than the first one!) but am still missing my Tuskarr Kite and Rocket Chicken, I'm sorry to say.

But basically the bottom line is I came back to WoW pretty impoverished compared to the wealth I'd grown accustomed to. So what'd I do?

I logged on and borrowed 1,000g from Eluniar, who also recently returned to WoW, promising him 10k in return in a few days. This gave me 2,000g investment capital. Like anyone in a desperate situation I returned to what I knew best and immediately set about making glyphs. Glyphs were a superb choice because the cost of materials is typically no more than pocket change the profit per sale is phenomenal, meaning my bit of gold would go a long way. (Plus my old glyph partners were willing to get me back into the fold and so I was able to return to a perfectly pruned and tailored market.)

In the meantime I petitioned Blizzard to request a small amount of time on my second account. Now that I'm not "super srs bsns"-playing I can't justify paying for my second account on an already tight budget; but I wanted to see what was left there. They were kind enough to grant me a two or three day credit and I hopped on to visit Liquidate once more.

There wasn't much on the Alliance but I was shocked to get on Nodes, my Horde glyph seller, and find I'd apparently decided not to liquidate his glyph stock before leaving. I had approximately ten of each glyph just sitting there pre-crafted.

And so it began.  It took me approximately three boring, agonizing, painstaking hours to move thousands of glyphs through the neutral AH one. at. a time. But I did it!

So I was able to pay back Elu's loan within a few hours of him giving it to me, which felt good, and I was off on my new gold-making adventure!


  1. Ouch, that sounds like an arduous cross-faction experience!

  2. I don't understand why you got rid of all your gold and pets if you weren't planning to come back. This is an honest question. If I were leaving WoW, I would give it to friends, but perhaps this is what you did. I am honestly baffled and looking for a reason for what you did in case I want to quit and get rid of my 2 million gold.

    1. Good question! Much of it went to friends and fellow-gold makers.

      With regard to the pets which would always be "useful" I saw it as giving them to a good home where they would be used/cared about instead of just collecting dust on my expired account.

      With the items like crafted things and materials I remembered back to the first time I took a looooong break. When I came back not only was it a new expac but I also rerolled on an entirely new server, meaning any items I'd saved in case I were to come back were now nearly worthless and out of my reach. So I saw no reason to hold on to items.

      With the gold it was largely the same as pets: I didn't want the gold to just sit there worthless (possibly forever) when I knew people who would salivate to have that amount of gold. Plus, as it was possibly the last time I would see many people, I wanted to give something back to friends and guildies who had helped me over the years. :)

      I slightly regret giving away the pets because they'll take a fair amount of time to regather (though I've already got most of them back!) but the other things I'm pleased to have given away; it's kind of fun starting from 1,000g again. :D

    2. Now I understand :) You gifted it--that sounds so much better than getting rid of it! Good luck with your new venture!

  3. I'm really excited you're back! These posts are rad too, please keep sharing your return journey.

  4. Awesome work!

    Sadly I barely pull in 10k a week from glyphs, even having 5 of almost every one - and that's without people undercutting me...

  5. Great to see you back Faid! Always loved your work!!!!