Sunday, February 23, 2014

I Don't Understand How I Do It

In my last post I mentioned I made about half a million in seven weeks. This breaks down to about 10k profit per day. That's a bit higher than what I'd done back when I was playing super-hardcore but not by much and that could be a reflection of market changes. But it got me thinking about how I'm able to make more gold than a lot of people who do the same things.

Most people who talk big numbers have one or both of these things going for them: They are in nearly every market or they are in high risk markets that bring them higher payouts when they succeed.

I'm neither of these; I used to be in pretty much every market but, while I have the infrastructure, I just don't have the desire to make gold at that level anymore. I've also always been one of the most risk-averse people I know in gold-making as well as in pretty much every area of life.

So I've been trying to determine what's "special" about what I do and I just can't do it. The day after posting that post I had a 40k profit day. I made 100k profit since the last post alone doing nothing special.

In fact, not only was I just plugging away like usual but I actually put myself at an extreme disadvantage: I've started another 30g Glyph Ceiling on my server, gutting the glyph market of almost all profit for myself and others, and I also accidentally messed up my TSM settings. I'd unselected a bunch of groups in the bankui meaning I wasn't pulling items from my guild bank as they sold. I noticed and fixed that today, thankfully, but holy shit guys, I made 100k in 6 days despite all glyphs going for <30g and not restocking my gems. WTF.

I honestly don't understand it; it's like the less I try the more I make. 

Argent Dawn is a bit strange compared to other servers in that we seem to have more inflation than the average. While I see others saying they buy their GIO for 35-40g/stack I'm tickled pink if I can buy it at 55g/stack regularly. So everything costs more, which does explain a bit of why my numbers might be impressive to off-server gold-makers but it doesn't explain why my profit increases as my effort decreases.

I just don't get it. I'm magic. I have magic powers.

Oh, I also have a legendary. :D (Well, a bunch of them, but this is the new one!) I'm not sure what my main effort will be in-game now, outside of gold-making. I wanted to finish Faid's cloak but have no desire to do the same for alts. I've had enough ToT LFR for a lifetime, thanks very much. Faid's nearly BiS from Flex and probably won't do much more beyond that, so I guess I'll be returning to pet battles and stuff.

We'll see I suppose. For now I'm just excited to be able to have the legendary and to be getting closer to being goldcapped again. I just want 1.5m before heading into WoD so I can be sure to buy my Realm Firsts in professions without having to go broke doing it.


  1. When you post a lot people are so eager to undercut. People hate to see others making gold, and will fight to stop them. But, when you post so little, people don't pay attention. Thus, you make more by posting less.

  2. Interesting to me how you seem proud of "gutting the glyph market of almost all profit..." I'm sure the other sellers on your realm are not thrilled about your efforts to take gold away from them.

    Since the merging of realms there are a number of new AH sellers on my realm that seem to want to destroy the entire AH market by selling at or very near vendor cost; some are even losing money. I don't get it. I don't mind getting undercut but the prices are undercut so much that there is no profit period; not 1c.

    However, congrats on your ability to make that much gold; I sure have not been able to come close to that.

  3. 30g? that'd be a luxury. We're sitting at 15g on Kel'Thuzad for all but a small handful of glyphs.

    1. I was selling Glyphs for a good profit on Bladefist and when they merged with Kel'Thuzad a Boyfriend / Girlfriend guild and all there alts killed the glyph market. Glyphs were selling from 25 gold up to 700 gold each and you could all ways find the glyph you were looking for. Im not going to sit and fight over selling glyphs for 12 to 15 gold each. I have even tried talking with these people but all they are is rude I'm not saying all the people from Kel'Thuzad are that way just the two of them. I hope one day they will get tired of the posting 10 stacks of glyphs for nothing and the market can be restored back to what it was,

    2. Indeed. I was having good success on the KT glyph market for quite a long time, but I cancelled my sub for the summer and this happened in the meantime.

      Currently I'm just posting at 40g min and letting them sit for 48h. It's not worth the time or effort to compete with those guys. It's too bad really, I did enjoy glyphs.

  4. There is a seller on my server who, for the last few months of cata, posted a gem wall at just over vendor buyout price but less than vendor + ah deposit. Sure, he owned the market, but why bother? I'm fairly sure he would have made more gold by vendoring all the gems. He is gradually, cut by cut, moving the gem market towards that again now in mop. For about 3 years now, except for a few months hiatus early in mop, he has also maintained a glyph wall. He plays in several other markets that I'm aware of, and probably many more I'm not, but across the dozen or so toons (across at least 3 accounts) that I know are him, the inspected gold earned is meager across the board. After I eventually leave WoW, I'd really like to ask this guy (or, possibly, gal), over a virtual cup of coffee, WTF?!?