Monday, March 24, 2014

Glyphs - Crafting, Storing, and Selling [Video Guide]

It seems my recent posts about competing in the glyph market has sparked an interest that none of my previous posts in years past have sparked. I've had a lot of follow-up questions since writing the posts about how I decide on prices, how I do crafting math, how I store glyphs, how I sell, etc. Rather than answer this question a million times I decided I'd make a video. So here it is; a walkthrough from the beginning of crafting to the end of selling, all about how I do glyphs and why I do what I do.


  1. So Ive started to sell glyphs and to my surprise its going really well! I have no where near all the patterns and I'm still making a good amount of gold. I just pulled 8k in one night with an inventory of 1 of every glyph i can make. Should i start crafting more of every glyph and build up my inventory? Is that the next step i should be taking?

  2. Great guide Faid, one question though, how many glyphs do you typically sell per week?

    I seem to be in the opposite position of the previous commenter. I have the majority of the patterns but find myself lucky to sell ~3 glyphs per week. I think the biggest problems are a lot of competition and ridiculously low buyout prices. Some glyphs sell for 4g. A lot more sell for around 12 - 15g.

    Do you have any general tips you could give?