Friday, February 5, 2016

*tumbleweed* (Domain Renewal)

Hi folks! I hope everyone's doing well!

No, I'm not coming back to WoW, sorry. :) I just got an email from GoDaddy that this domain ( is about to expire. Since I haven't blogged in ages and most of the content here is likely out of date, I won't be renewing it. The content is all still available at , you just won't have the easy URL re-direct. Who knows, maybe someone will buy the domain name and put up pictures of puppies. Who knows? What suspense!

Anyways, just letting anyone whose still around know that the domain is going away and if you use any bookmarks or links you may need to address those. Thanks to everyone who read this blog over the years, I appreciate you guys a lot, and I think about the community more than you'd probably expect! I hope you're all doing amazing.